Confused bot

Today i started to notice a strange AI of Bots … it happened three times today I watched them.


Pic for better understanding of the situation:


Bot there (matthew) followed one of the ally reacon ship and keep it in the crosshair … like he wanted to fire on it… instead of targeting enemy fighters.  This way bot usualy fly for 15 sec in the middle of the fight. Until he get attacked or his “target” get killed.


Anyone saw that too ?

I’ve noticed that bots like to run something of of a buddy system with players on occasion, usually by them uselessly orbiting a LRF.


I chalk it up to a quirk in the AI of the bots

I think its part of their Ai, just sit near LRF bot and target random ships. See where bot will be firing disintegrator.

+1.  Needs to be fixed.