Conflict Defense Force Alliance

To some this name is rather familiar, to some not, but regardless of that let’s get into it.


The idea is simple, to make an alliance of all small corporations with some occasional individuals, doesnt matter that there are language barriers, all that it matters is to try out a rather unorthodox approach to all these micro corporations that in most cases arent active past a few months due to various reasons.


Needless to say that such thing requires some logistic behind it and some planning but i believe it could be a start to a really good hub of recruitment and learning both for other corporations and new players and players in general. People would be free to join or leave without a problem. There are other things to discuss about it and whatnot but before that i would just like to see if there are CEO’s of other corporations that are interested in such a thing.

Overall I like the idea. This community definitely needs something to get it moving again.

Like a Discord server with all the CEO’s as Mods? And each corp can still have its own channels based on roles. Would make it easy for the CEO’s to have a round table discussion and coordinate community tournaments and other things. Would also be a great way to bring down some of those language barriers and get players from all sides of the world more acquainted with each other.

It’s exactly like that, more social interaction means more fun games with premade teams for any and every mode out there. Not to mention the fact that with such an interaction would come more social features/developments as well. The only bad side is that people have to try ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

Thank you for the link and invite Orca.   As I said in the PMs between you and I, I will give my views, concerns and opinions of this.


As I eluded to then to you, both you and I are on the same page in our thinking of something such as this.   As you know I am no stranger to both small and large SC Corporations (SCC), having served in both as member, Officers, VPs and now CEO of the Vanatori.


It was just last week that I send out one of my Envoys to begin talks of Alliances with other SCCs.  During that process I recognized the need for a place where two or more SCCs could gather without breaching each others home turfs.   Example of this would be warring corporations ready to talk some form of ceasefire but neither will come to the others in-house tables to even begin talks.   My VP at the time jumped the gun and created a new discord as a sort of Neutral Ground place where envoys of both sides could come to and not have to cross into the others property.  The thought was there but the idea was short lived by my standards.   


1.  The server was set up by him, a Vanatori and even if given full rights to others, it would always be a Vanatori site in some CEOs minds.  If someone was in dispute with us, and we say come to the neutral ground, they still may not due to the original builders.  That can have negative effects on any form of Pact making or Open Talks.  Also, our corporate discord already has a generic form of round table where others can come and visit, as non members, Invited Guests or Allies.  So a new discord doing the same thing seemed to me as a duplication of something that our corporation already had erected internally.   Having it viewed as a Vanatori Own place would make no difference to some CEOs.  Corporate CEOs and Envoys have to feel that a neutral meeting place is just that neutral.  I closed up the idea with my VP at the time and sent him off to do the Envoy task that was requested to the prospective corporation at the time.  


  1. Some corporations will not ever come to consensus with ideas other come up with if it is not their own to begin with.  You will never get those types to this form of table.


3 Accord Alliances, which is what Im thinking this being presented are not Pacts.  Pacts are Agreement between two corporations to do or not do things that are mutually beneficial in some form or another to both Pact Signers.   An Accord Alliance is broader.  Its more in line with what the United Nations does with all the countries then Treaties made between a few.   NATO is also an Accord, so is OPEC.   They are like minded nations or corporations that agree (come to an accord, agreement) to abide by whatever guidelines are ratified by all the parties.   So for this, any SCC that wishes to be in the Accord, first has to agree to whatever guidelines are drafted up and put into place. Which leads right into number four.


4.  Founding SCCs and the Foundations of the Accord.   If this is to ever occur, based on past and real life experience myself, there must be at least two layers of the Accord.  The Founding Members (think in terms of UN 7 base members) that come up with the initial guidelines, ratify them into agreement and then as an Accord grows, they bring in new like minded SCCs and even amend the guidelines.   We are talking a Living, Entity.  Something that is never static and grows and shrinks and changes over time based on all the issues that make it come into being and live while it exists.





One of my primary concerns is what is described above.  No one person, party or SC Corporation can be the Oversight Entity.   An Oversight Committee, maybe, even a yes, if its done properly.  Reason is, if done in the singular, that one Entity can have devastating effects on the entire Accord.   Examples are, actual death of one person holding all the keys to the place and no one can do anything more after that day.   Another is trolling and alternative actions by one or more parties holding the keys and effecting the others due to ingame or personal vendettas.


Everyone can think of something along these lines just as your reading the examples.  A form of stopgap has to be thought out as much as possible (again its a constantly changing limb withing the entire Accord body structure) and thought out in a way that just the foundation parties agree on.


Another concern of mine personally is that if Im in game and I see a pilot from a corporation that I know is an Accord Member, that should not prevent me from going after that pilot if I have to for some task.   His corporation may be an Accord member, but my own corporation has no Alliance Pact with his Corporation.   An Accord is not a Pact.  Those are done one on one between corporations, not in an Accord.    Accords are places where the Management Teams can come to, gather, work things out and come up with ideas to resolve even the disputes among the member SCCs.


And that brings us right back to the actual creations of the Accord.   Will founding SCCs attempt to govern over member SCCs?   Will one party feel they have some type of authority over any other member party?  Accords do work but getting them up and running in manors I envision or that any one else envisions them that are reading this is a tricky matter.


Another concern is… were discussing small SCCs.   What if an Accord does work and a small SCC grows and is larger?   Are they kicked out just because they no longer meet some preset number?   I would always vote NO and even vote NO for even having something like that instituted in the first place.   Size of an Accord should never matter for membership.  What matters is if the member SCC complies with whatever Oversights are in place and guidelines of the Accord.  Small or Large, its Compliance that really matters.





Yes.  Its possible to implement in Star Conflict.  We are talking about something that is external of the actual game logic.  The modern word for what is being proposed is the META GAME, not the actual game.  Meta are entire entities that arise from physical games played all over.  Metas can even shape and steer a game and the creators into paths and ideas they themselves never even conceived.  So yes, my view is it could work, Ive see it, I have even been on the coding side in software of products where massive changes are made to the product in support of something that came about from the meta side of the product, not the product designers.


If this is the view of others too, then were on the path to meta formation and Foundation forming of a meta Accord Alliance.  But Ill put it out there right now, such an entity will never run the Vanatori or make decisions for them.   Give all the input pro and cons and examples and insight ya want if a member but what the Vanatori do with it is decided by us and us alone and in the case where internally there is an impasse, that final say so rests on my shoulders as their CEO.   I would expect the same from any other Accord member.  Take whats offered from Accord members but we will not make attempts to manage for you or even judge you for the final decisions you do within your own Corporation. 


















At the moment, to start with the idea, those interested would have to settle for a medium of communication (discord, teamspeak, etc), then the CEO’s would form a round table and from there everything could be easily done to further the idea of the alliance thingy.


The key aspect is to have a place which could serve as an entry point for the game itself, now im not sure how to go with that. The basic idea would be to make something like a Discord server which would serve as a public place, the alliance hub or one can do that and make the physical alliance in the game. My corp mateys are okay with it to remake the CRS corp into the first alliance part and if it happens that it cant accept anymore player, another would be made and so on.


If done right, the alliance idea should fix the issue of new players lack of knAwledge, help improve the existing players and provide some fun times for us oldies that like to interact with others since we aint got much to farm for (it can happen yo). I mean, who wouldn’t like a place where squads could be a thing for pvp, pve, open space explorers, where one can easily get the latest farming tips and tricks and perhaps learn something new from the “vets”. The only negative side is you wont get your time spent back tho, ohh and it should be without toxic people and stuff like that for obvious reasons…


Anyway i hope this reaches out to other CEO’s and solo players so we can start making it and not just talk about it.

One more thing, if it gets to be a thing, the next step is to make it known to various gaming communities outside of SC in general, which would provide with us new players and whatnot. Think about it, just being a part of it is helping everyone in virtually every (positive/possible) way.

Some of my officers brought this to my attention, and I think it would be an intriguing idea to try at the least, but I don’t know if it would really work that well, given that the English part of the community is seemingly for the most part dead/inactive. As CEO of the final active CDF corporation, Fowler Defense [FDEF], I feel it would be wrong to create an entirely new alliance system under the same name of Conflict Defense Force, especially when FDEF (one of the founding corporations of the first CDF alliance) probably wouldn’t even join said alliance. After the fall of the CDF we abandoned our ideas of “defending the weak” and transformed into the corporation that sends out so many piracy wings so frequently that our targets have started putting prices on our heads, an alliance would reduce the number of players we could kill and I would be fine with that because we’re already allied with a few corps but most of the pirates would disagree with it. I would call it CDF2, it would honor/reference the original CDF without overwriting its place in Star Conflict’s history, besides, calling it by a new name would allow for avoiding “controversial” ideas. The CDF was almost exclusively English speaking North Americans, and the NA player base is almost nonexistent compared to EU/RU, and opening the alliance to EU/RU corporations and corporations that speak other languages would be a major benefit, but any remaining members of the 1st CDF might see this as a corruption of what they stood for.


Another issue I see with this is that Star Conflict no longer has any need for alliances other than NAPs in Open Space.

  • Sector Conquest has changed significantly, and it is no longer possible to just “give” a sector to an allied corporation, or assist your allies in defending their sector, it is now every corporation for themselves. The only thing an alliance could claim is that only certain corporations are allowed to go after certain sectors, and perhaps they should alternate ownership, but this would pose a major issue for rank 13-17 sectors with only 1 sector per time zone and only 3/4 time zones having a 13-17 sector. Everyone needs monocrystals, and as it stands those sectors change hands very quickly, Raider Range changes ownership every day, Sorting Facility changes ownership every day or two with Pay to Win [P2W] usually being the owner for two days, and Smuggler’s Hideout changes every week with FDEF being the owner for the prolonged period and then some other corporation such as Black Mark [BlM] or Skill and Style [SKAS] taking it for one cycle before it transfers hands back to FDEF. With the new reward system for Sector Conquest, this would make an even larger problem because Smuggler’s Hideout only sees activity from NA corporations (and a few pub queues from RU/EU) and thus remains in the hands of NA corporations for a while giving the owner a boosted reward, with everyone needing the t5 rewards there would be no boosted reward and the loot would end up being trash. Even if you could still help defend your allied corporations’ sectors, it wouldn’t matter, the assisting corporation would hardly get any reward from the battles they enter. Additionally, Sector Conquest no longer has attack/defense wings, and thus has no capability of inviting your allied members into your Sec Con wing, forcing anyone interested in helping into leaving their own corporation and joining the corp with the wing running. That kind of micromanaging players is something I don’t think anyone is interested in, especially since last time a CEO left their corporation to help an allied corporation in the CDF, GArc was stolen and renamed to Kill Squad [KILL], destroying years of progress (yes, its a fact of life that it can occur, but its a major deterrent for people leaving their corporations to join my Sec Con wings now).

  • Tournaments as a whole is a completely dead game mode, sometimes only seeing 1 or 2 teams entering queue, so there’s no sense in having alliances pool resources towards tournaments, especially because there’s basically no reward worth the time spent in battle.

  • Special Operations are a whole new level of cheese since the last time there was a major alliance in Star Conflict, and with destroyers you can form a wing in trade/english chat in a few minutes.

  • Corporation roster sizes are over 5x larger than when major alliances were around, meaning there’s really no reason to have “training corps” and “elite corps” or whatever, now there’s room for 5 corporations to reside under a single tag.


I can only think of two reasons for an alliance:

  • NAP in Open Space, which most new corporation member will ignore because the MOTD breaks the chat box if you put it there so you have to put it in a discord/teamspeak server, which most new members will also ignore (NAPs are now irrelevant due to every Open Space sector having Station Protection as an option save Alien sectors which nobody goes to except for testing, and the sparse PVP zones which nobody goes to unless there’s a mission).

  • Sharing trade secrets, such as Sector Conquest and Tourney strategies, though most of the more competitive events are usually recorded, and anyone with one or more eyes can watch the video and learn said strategy after reviewing it for a while, even quicker if there’s recorded coms.


Hosting a communications service is also an issue. FDEF’s discord server (Zero Hour) is the 2nd largest Star Conflict discord server I have access to (and I have access to dozens), Art of War [AoWAR] having 477 members in their corporation at the time of this post is the 1st largest. I have members in my server from more corporations than I can think of, and most of them come because A) they are in the corporation (roughly 30%) B) they watch YouTube videos and see that it is an active server (roughly 15%) C) they come for assistance (roughly 5%) D) they are from an “allied” corporation’s discord server (roughly 2%) E) Ex CDF or members from other games our server has been partnered with (roughly between 40 and 50%). Hardly anyone from any of our allied corporations uses our server, you know why? Because they have their own servers that they use more actively. The same thing would occur in an “alliance” discord server, it wouldn’t be used anywhere near as frequently as the corporate servers, corporate servers can be set up with rules and staff as seen fit by the CEO, the alliance server would be made to pander to as large of an audience as possible, making it boring and undesired.


I heard somewhere that you had an idea of splitting your corporation, that’s a huge no-no in Star Conflict these days. When was the last time you saw Ultra doing something? When was the last time you saw GArc in open space? or a single member from FINN? or a stream by CJF? or any CDF corporation other than FDEF? Probably 2015 at the latest. This is because small corporations die fast, with the click of a button the devs can release an update that cripples small corporations and renders them on the bench for the entire ball game. This happened with the release of Dreadnoughts in 2014, it almost killed several CDF corporations because they didn’t have the ability to construct dreadnoughts (Ultra nearly died before the final stage of dreadnoughts was even released due to internal sabotage). This has been mentioned by several others in the past as well (I think maybe Kostyan mentioned this at one point), but alliances are not the answer the community needs, it may be the one that the community wants, but what it needs is every player united under a single corporation, everyone reaps the benefits of being in the corporation, sector conquest rewards skyrocket, pvp becomes suddenly significantly easier, pve no longer has to be done as random queue on rank 1, the ridiculous time frame of farming OS loot drops significantly decreases, that 72 total hours you spend farming for the aim-assisted cannon? That might even drop to 30 minutes with a full wing looking for it. The list goes on.


I doubt it would workout all that great, but I would be interested to see what would come of an attempt.




ps I’ll get the mini-games to you soon, hopefully tomorrow if I have time

9 hours ago, Ellydium said:

ps I’ll get the mini-games to you soon, hopefully tomorrow if I have time

Still waiting :stuck_out_tongue:


The day semaphorism gave away garc was one of the worst days ive ever had in the game, it wasnt stolen or anything and ultra died mainly because the CEO just simply left the game or so im told. But regardless of all that, a true alliance was never formed as it should have been. Personally im working out all the details to minimize the pandering aspect and settle for a comms channel and whatnot. After talking with some COE’s I figured I should start with uniting all the small corps that are interested in the idea, i cant expect FDEF, AOWAR, FAITH etc to just give up on their identity and join a cause since it took a massive amount of effort to be where they are now and that’s completely normal.

Hopefully it works out on the small scale, i believe the large scale part should be a problem if the idea proves to be good.

Hold on a second.    I am under the assumption were discussing Accords, not a merge of small SCCs into some large one.


An Accord is just an form of like minded CEOs that agree to come together and meet and agree on things for the benefit of all its member corporations…somewhere neutral to work out issues among themselves when disputes or issues arise in or between their prospective Corporations.   Im not looking to be sucked up into someone else’s corporation or to suck up others into mine.   If two individual Corporations desire to merge together, that is an Agreement between just those two Corporations.   


I want a place where Corporations can come together and sit and work things out at the Executive Level if need be if things can not be resolved between individual corporations themselves.  A Place where if two warring Corps need a place to meet and sit and begin to work things out at or listen to the opinions or advice of other Executives that can help resolve their disputes.  Also a place where if all the CEOs agree upon something that needs addressing to be changed for the good of the game, that we go united before Gaijin with the Issues or Proposals and present it to them for a change.


So…clarify to me exactly what the intent is…because if its talks for merging into some pseudo-meta corporation like there used to be a few years ago…naaa, thats not my intended direction.  I want a neutral ground.  Something along the lines of the Geneva Accords in RL where SC Corporations have a voice as an Entity and their Executives are that Entity’s mouthpiece.  If I wanted someone over me and going against my better judgement, I would have stayed at AoWAR instead of leaving to run my own Corporation.  Mazer and I agreed on most things 98% of the time, but there were a few he and I could never change each others minds on.  So instead of butting heads about those same things over and over, I left, obtained my own corporation complete with a flagship (oh god what a deal that ways…pre-built?  Sure!, Ill take it) and now adjusting it to fall within the guidelines of what expect.

To simplify the whole thing, the idea is to give up each others tags for one we all agree upon, to have a SC hub and a corp/place for all. I know people value their tags above the functionality and everything in-between but if there are groups of people/corporations out there that value a truly big and healthy community as a whole and the benefits it can bring not just for them, for the game itself, i believe this is for them.

From that point, that hub of players, new corporations could emerge that would last longer and be more stable than what we have now and in the meantime that same place may lose a group of people but being an official hub they would pretty much be able to momentarily fill up the empty place and something new can emerge again.

I’m sure that a lot of CEO’s know what i’m talking about when i say how tedious and difficult it is to recruit people from the generic general chat way and how unstable everything is regardless of how many members there are. I’m also aware of the magnitude of said idea to just give everything up for a wiggly idea of some rando on forum but like i said, it’s not for everyone, there’s a lot of issues to be handled in making such a thing but if handled right it might just be the best thing ever to happen here.

So far the first step is done, CRS merged with AOWAR and it’s just like advertised, anyone interested in joining the hub idea are whalecome. ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

Save me a seat next to the whale

A fox and a whale enter a bar…

Ahhh…Okay, this is just another one of those “lets merge our corporations” discussion.  It has nothing to with an actual Accord or Roundtable of Corporations.


I had my reasons for leaving as the AoWAR VP.  I’m not merging and going back to that.  And Im not giving up my badge either.

I worked long and hard for the Vanatori “teeth”. 


Just keep this in mind as your hang out at or with AoWARs. I was there for 2 some years, everything you see there, is a lot of my time, effort and hard work. I was only the VP, and many times having to get a CEOs approval and convince him it was the best thing to do for the greater good of the corporation. I dont have that restriction anymore. So if you think AoWAR is good, just wait… I just assumed ownership of an existing corporation last week, that is currently double in size as AoWAR was when that CEO asked me to come on board and help build it. It came equipped already with a pre-built dreadnought. I have already adjusted it for Conquests, currently doing upgrades on it for all Tiers. I previously had a Discord set up for SC long before AoWARs (that CEO didnt want to use it) and its been dusted off and fully functional again. But all that, I already knew how to do having managed all of the above before for others. I just dont have someone over me now reversing decisions made or only around a few hours a week and touting what a great place they have and run. Why would I even think about giving up all I worked for?


So, since this not actually about a Corporation Accord or CEO Roundtable and just some new gimmick to swallow up other corporations because recruiting seems too hard for some people… I dont see any reason to pursue this any further from my point of view. I will follow the thread and even post my view at times. But as for flying someone else’s badge or banner…been there, done that, moved on. Recruiting was never on the top of my list of things to do, because I value Quality Pilots over a Quantity of Pilots.


Independence is a powerful weapon all on its own.



CEO of the Vanatori Corporation




Somehow I knew that sooner or later it would come down to this, people value their tag above anything else which is completely okay. In all the effort i put into the idea so far the answers were always of sentimental nature. AoWAR was the first to be interested in something new and a different approach to things, there are others im waiting on and that’s probably it for now.


As for the “quantity” of active “quality” pilots both in discord and the game alike every day and a “boss over my head” i’ve found no issues, in fact, we already made a round table with the hierarchy and everything because you need some logistics to make it work. It comes down to communication skills mostly.

I could talk all day long to explain things but i think everyone would only see the negative side of it (which i openly explained a few times over now). We can’t talk about the greater good without talking about some sacrifice. It was my idea, it’s only fair that i make the first step as well, CRS is a part of AoWAR now, just like BORG was a part of CRS and so on.

If you guys can see past things that don’t matter and try to make something new and not just a stale recipe of making a new corp over and over again, we could do so much more with any idea that we come up with on the way. Just think about it.

As I said, I will follow the thread.

I do want to point out that text at times gives a Reader of if different emotional views.   So just to make something clear to any that read my last post here, I have nothing against AoWAR or its CEO, infact, he and I still talk at times when online together.  He and I worked hard for 2 years making that corporation what people see today.  There were not any hard feelings between he and I when I elected to leave, and there still isnt.   AoWAR is what it is, what ever direction the ones at the helm are now.  If anyone read something into that above post that I have some type of negative issue towards that Corporation, I would just say go read it again.   Because Im expressing not a negative towards them, but an entirely different issue and just using my own past as an example.   Im expressing the fact that people work long and hard for something, and are a part of something until such time as they need to move on.  Either they outgrow the existing, or the existing outgrow them.   Either way, its time to move on.  With me it had come to that point in time.  A series of recurring events there just proved that fact to me.   Time to leave.  Time to forge ahead and put all my skillsets to use now independently, and that meant a new corporation.  I dont move down and after being a VP twice before the only direction is up into the CEO chair.    Even if I didnt come across the opportunity I received, to take over an existing corp complete with a dread, I would have started one from scratch and crafted a dread over time.   The opportunity just gave me leap forward in time from all that.  I was farming the 1500 Iridium to start one even at the time the opportunity presented itself.   After taking the ownership, I used what I has already farmed to change the name instead.  Then we farmed for our new badge change.  Both events is a bit of daily farming to come up with the iridium for both.


So what Im really pointing out based on just my own experience is … some of us are not looking to give up all we have worked hard to achieve and surrender those rewards for something that would be, in a sense, going backwards in time.   


To be honest, It is sad to me that you Orca have given up CRS.  I already knew of the change before you detailed it here.  I read it in chat from existing members questioning each other “What happened to CRS?”  What a CEO elects to do with there own corporation is their own business but both you at CRS and I at AoWAR were small and grew together to what other saw as both great corps.   For me to see you work to make CRS what it is, and then see you give it up and slap on someone elses badge and ideals just saddens me, to toss that all away.   The AoWAR today is not the AoWAR it was when you and I were growing the corps up.  What I see now is yours being swallowed up and wiped out.  Your corp ideals are not Mazers Ideals.  I know both of yours.  He more intimately then yours but only because he and I worked hand and hand everyday and we only interacted with CRS.  To see him swallow you up into his, I know already theres issues.  One major one being his strict 18+ rule he would never bend on when i was there.   We sent so many over to CRS and FDEF that he would not allow on board just because of that age thing of his, yet he was driven to obtain 500 seats filled.   That drive is now swallowing up other corps to fill those seats.  What will happen to your minor pilots?  A minor in AoWAR?..hmmm.   Only time will tell.


During the time AoWAR and CRS were in our prior talks of merging, the ONLY things that prevented it at that time were…1) CRS has minors as pilots and AoWAR policy was no minors.  18+…2) and what to do with a CEO that now must step down and be an officer. Since he had a 1-VP-Only Rule at that time.   He later elected to relax the one VP rule, but even until the day I left, he was never going to bend the 18+ rule of his.  The way I see it emerging is this…Over time all 18+ skilled pilots will be brought into his direct fold of the true AoWAR to fill his 500 seat goal of his.  Using some psydo-mega-AoWAR-give-it-all-up-and-wear-my-badge type thing, but since theres a limit of 500 chairs per Corporation, even if the other corps that go along with all of this, they are their own corp with their own 500 chairs.  Independent, but fooled into wearing someone elses badge, not for anything else then to be associated as an AoWAR, when in reality they dont even comply with the actual AoWAR mindset. 


Are you an AoWAR pilot reading this and under the age of 18?   Naaaaa.   No your not.  You are NOT AoWAR, youre more then likely in some other corp (ex-CRS or some other one) and your management was convinced into joining so that the best of your corp that are over 18 can be gleaned from your ranks, leaving you and your brethren pilots to fend for themselves.  This is why I am sadden over the mega merge thing.   Because I know, from being on the inside of things at the heart of AoWAR, the values that were there once are gone and now are replaced by the 500 seats figure.   It was a growing cancer when I was there.  Is one of the factors I left and so did many of AoWAR core members.  A few that have are even Vanatori now.  We took the core values with us because together we were the core values.  Some left prior to me, some after.  We know what we want in the way of a SC Corporation and there came a point in time where we saw the cancers growing.


Maybe that is true for any Corporation that grows too big.  Maybe any corp that reaches some number of member before the 500 just is cancerous in nature by its very growth and existence.   I dont really know at this point, or at what is the trigger number.  But if you look back thru the history of SC, at all the Corporations that have come and gone, they reach a point in size where things just start to collapse and they split again into smaller ones.  Even CRS is a child of that process.  So is Ether, Storm and a few others, all from larger NASA that became cancerous at some point internally and it split into multiple small Corporations.   So to see CRS fall again into that pitfall of some mega conglomerate …i just shake my head in disbelief.


AoWAR and Vanatori CEOs talk at times together.  He has always approached me first and starts the conversations.  I have always wondered why since we did not do so for months after I left.  Now, in the past few weeks hes approaching me and now I understand he is testing the waters of me.  feeling me out.   He learned only a short time ago I run my own corporation and its at the point in time when he and I first meet in size, when AoWAR was small, cutting its teeth in the SC world of corporations.  Now I understand the feeling out and testing and the “Hi, how ya been” conversations… he looking to place the AoWAR stamp on the Vanatori now.  Its Never gonna happen.   And if he ever gains access to the forums to read this (he says he cant see forums) … Mazer, buddy, you and I will always be friends…but dude… you know me.  My decision is final.  Never coming back to AoWAR, … Never will wear AoWAR badge.  My badge is way cooler…its teeth…and were not afraid to bare them to others.  You do your thing, Ill do my thing.  Just something ya gonna have to deal with yourself internally.


So Orca… if and when that 18+ rule comes back to haunt ya.  Feel free to send them my way.  I have no problem with training new pilots to fight anyone.  In fact, I view them as clay… ready to mold into Vanatori and not afraid to grimace and show others their teeth.  So you can now understand why a mega-multi-corp is never gonna pass muster with me or my people.



I think you saw CRS a bit wrong there. I was in every corporation in the game except the russian ones and even they tried to recruit me at some times. After so many frustrating things i “had” to do to stay in a corp i just gave up and took a dead corp from a friend and made something of my own. 0 time was invested on building it up dreadnought wise, the rest was just a simple “hey wanna join us?”. We grew not from effort put, we grew because we didnt care and were a nice bunch to be around at any given moment.


There was no strain, no must do’s or must have’s, just play the game with your friends or other fellow players, at no point did i ever feel i invested too much time or effort because i did things on the fly, so did the rest. When i realized AoWAR is practically the same as CRS with just the 18+ rule you mentioned, it was me who proposed the merge because i want my players/corpmates to enjoy the full Star Conflict game as it’s meant to be, it doesnt matter under what flag it is as long as it’s fun. As for the 2-3 players under 18 that didnt fit the rule, we may not be in the same corp but we will play together regardless, it’s how we are.


The CRS you all saw was always a tag-less community of healthy individuals that really liked playing the game with others and not solo, no agenda, no overflow of pride, just fun and joy for helping people figure things out. We enjoyed the company of each other in CRS, prior to that in BORG, and now its AoWAR and we keep growing but under a different flag of which we don’t really care that much and under a different way that isn’t just isolating ourselves from others and limiting our growth because of a tag.


Anyone is welcome to see it for themselves, I’m not giving up on my idea of uniting all the goodhearted players of this game, regardless of language or anything of the sorts, there is more to it than just amassing a large pile of players in one place, it’s about building new community pillars, new ways of achieving something, enjoying your time spent with friends and more. I would love to see the hub idea grow into something as positive for people to remember as i remember the old GaRC and the insane amount of help i got from them when i started playing, without even being a member of their corp.

I will miss the CRS guys.  I liked being MM up with them.  They may still be there as AoWAR now, but its not the same to me when MM puts me with those pilots.   It was the CRS badge that I would see and know at least Im not gonna be the solo pilot after 5 minutes into the mission.


I totally understand what you say about being a new player and someone taking you under their care and training you.  It was the same for me also.  I was the only non russian in my first corp, only their CEO understood english.   They taught me how to fly in a wing together and to slot different ship types regardless of which ones I preferred to fly.  The lessons were to teach me to be a good pilot in any ship, and also to slot and select ships based on what others on the team are bringing in.   You slot to help your team, not yourself.   After a week or so with them it just became natural for both them and I and we moved as one huge ship, rarely broke formation and even though I never understood a frigging word they spoke over the comms, we just worked out a system of any double ping was for me to target or focus on.  To me language or age has no bearing on if someone is a good pilot or not, and is a major reason Im not at AoWAR anymore.


Like you, because of that help when new, I now help others that just start out.  I even farm for my own members since many cant even jump into some sectors to get the resources there they need.  So many times I get PMs from others telling me to stop trolling the public chat, when infact Im just there chatting on whatever the current subject matter is…waiting for someone that needs help.

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