computing chip

Where can I find the fastest computing chip. It needs to duplicator.i find everything else but not this :frowning:

Computing Chips can be manufactured in the Workshop tab at the top of your hanger using Crystal Shards that are found in asteroids and other debris in the “Invasion” or free-flight mode. Asteroids containing these crystals are usually found in the starting areas, so just look around the big rocks until you find small ones that you can harvest.

Computing Chips can also be obtained by “salvaging” a Mk2 or higher module/weapon. Simply right-click on the module you want to salvage, then click “salvage”! ^^

Salvaging does not always give the same material, so try salvaging different things until you find one that gives you what you need.

If you need any other information, please don’t hesitate to reply. :3

The fox has said everything that needs to be said I think :slight_smile: