Complex System Regenerator [Module]

Name: Complex System Regenerator

Type: Passive Hull Module for Destroyers

Tooltip: As the ship slows down, repair drones are released by a modified ship bay to repair destroyed modules and other structures. Reaches maximum repair speed at <10% of maximum flight speed. If all modules are completely restored, the drones begin to repair the ship’s hull for 150p/s.




as a player who uses an invincible as an office building XD i could probably use this, i would have to get rid of one of my hull mods though, damn

All good things in this game should come with sacrifice.


Ups and downs etc etc etc.

yeah, i posted some suggestions for destroyer missile slot items, read them when the suggestion gets approved by a dev


Maybe it would be better if we had a nice buff on the regen coating instead of making more unnecessary content.