Competition "Tournament Maps" Discussion

Feel free to discuss our [competition](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19951-competition-for-the-best-concept-tournament-maps/page-0) and ask questions if anything is not clear.

  1.  when  does the second EMP bomb spawn exactly for detonation game mode?


  1. and would the level designer allow spawning the second bomb at a separate location ?


  1. What is the player spawn point radius? or any other info re: player spawn sites?


  1. purely out of interest what is the tri / poly limit for the current maps (terrain / props excluding ships) ?

Can we plz submit more maps?

I dont think all people post map and is a kind of suggestion for devs and for otther contest player.

Is not for take more odds in the contest, just if you take one of the place in the contest just exclude other maps.

Dear players, I have changed some of the conditions of contest:


  • Now please send your work to our mailbox ( and if it’s possible, please resend your works to this e-mail. Sorry.
  • Added people’s voting. Will be active after the end of registration.