Competition “Ready, set, go!”

Today we’ll see which one of you, Star Conflict pilots, has the quickest wit and the lightest fingers!


You have to guess the events from the history of space travel that are depicted on your hangar walls. To win the competition you only have to post the correct answer first!

Well then, ready, set, go!


Please, hide your answers with a [spoiler] tag to make your posts more concise.

Yuri Gagarin
Space Shuttle Atlantis
The Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle
Lunokhod 1
Neil Armstrong
Valentina Tereshkova
first picture of earth from moon
Vostok 1
belka and strelka
Sputnik 1
Sergei Korolev
international space station
space shuttle buran
The Apollo–Soyuz Test Project
Yang Liwei
NASA’s Space Exploration Vehicle
Voyager Golden Record
Mars Exploration Rover
Hubble Space Telescope

that’s all I recognized from the pictures

Liwei Yang

I came to post a bunch of stuff but Kotetsu already posted it all. :frowning:


Oh well, guess I’m gonna fly to that ISS hanging around outside the hangar and cry. :stuck_out_tongue:

well i was going to post …


good job Kotetsu

well i was going to post …


good job Kotetsu

And that magnificent basterd made just THIS ONE BLOODY POST SO FAR! >_<

I saw dogs. 

i saw a cool looking Luna rover that i would love to drive around in 

i believe it is this one

Here are the right answers:


post-11303-0-96163000-1366183453_thumb.j Sergei Pawlowitsch Koroljow, Lead-Designer of OKB-1.


post-11303-0-71552100-1366183454_thumb.j First PS-1 satelite “Sputnik 1”.


post-11303-0-38282100-1366183455_thumb.j The dogs Belka and Strelka who have been in Space. They returned without taking any harm.


post-11303-0-73968000-1366183455_thumb.j Launch of 8K72K “Vostok” spacecraft “Vostok-1”. On board - Yuri Gagarin.


post-11303-0-22508900-1366183456_thumb.j  Yuri Gagarin, the first cosmonaut of the Earth on the way to the start. In the background - German Titov.

post-11303-0-49478000-1366183456_thumb.j Valentina Tereschkowa, first woman in space.


post-11303-0-76865000-1366183456_thumb.j Neil Armstrong on the moon. The first landing on the moon, known as the Apollo 11 mision by the NASA.

post-11303-0-04632900-1366183457_thumb.j Lunokhod 1. The world’s first planetary rover successfully worked on the surface of another celestial body - the moon. Production: NGO im.Lavochkina.

post-11303-0-30185600-1366183457_thumb.j World’s first manned planetary rover. In the picture Eugene Cernan. The “Apollo 17” mission, was the last of the flying rovers. Producing company: Boeing.

post-11303-0-58423800-1366183457_thumb.j Crews involved in the Apollo-Soyuz mission. Slayton, Stafford, Brand, Leonov,

post-11303-0-83983000-1366183464_thumb.j Rise of the RN Union with the spacecraft Soyuz-11. Crew: Georgi Dobrovolsky, Vladislav Volkov and Viktor kid. On the return to Earth the crew died due to depressurization vent.

post-11303-0-26760200-1366183465_thumb.j Space shuttle “Atlantis”. Picture taken from the ISS.

post-11303-0-76599700-1366183465_thumb.j World’s first modular space station: MIR.

post-11303-0-28836200-1366183466_thumb.j World’s first orbital telescope: Hubble.

post-11303-0-76805000-1366183466_thumb.j Rise of a spacecraft, known as Shuttle.

post-11303-0-27280700-1366183467_thumb.j Kyuriositi rover. Manufacturers: Boeing, Lockheed Martin.

post-11303-0-78134600-1366183467_thumb.j View on the earth from the orbit of the Moon.

post-11303-0-30054700-1366183468_thumb.j Development Team of the PS-1 satellite “Sputnik 1”. OKB-1.

post-11303-0-79103500-1366183468_thumb.j Gold plate “Voyager.” Information copper plate with a record of audio and video signals. It’s on board of two unmanned spacecraft of the “Voyager” series.

post-11303-0-33685700-1366183469_thumb.j Prototype of the planetary rover lunar. Developer: NASA.

post-11303-0-19968200-1366183477_thumb.j Yang Liwei. The first Chinese taikonaut (cosmonaut). China has expanded the category of space-faring nations - China became the third country in history that has been able to launch its own astronaut on his own spaceship.

post-11303-0-45680900-1366183477_thumb.j Dragon, the world’s first private spaceship docked with the ISS. Developer company: SpaceX.

post-11303-0-71905500-1366183477_thumb.j Spacecraft “Buran” on the transport plane “Dream” has arrived at the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

post-11303-0-01939400-1366183478_thumb.j International Space Station. A joint international project involving 15 countries (in alphabetical order): Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, USA, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan. Thanks to all the participants!