Competition for the best concept "Tournament Maps"

Some time has passed since the happenings of sector 1881. No one has entered the sector since the last expedition and it is still forbidden, but a small group of pirates and mercenaries is still interested in this sector.
Rumors are spreading that the sector is full of Precursors artifacts and even a few of their damaged ships should be drifting through the sector.
These artifacts seem to be really valuable, because they are still functioning and anyone getting them combined with our technology would achieve great power. But there is a big problem, the ships and weapons of the small group are far away
from the strength of the Precursors so a battle against them would be a guaranteed loss.
For that reason they need an tactical advantage in order survive long enough to gather some of these artifacts.
During the last days there appeared a great opportunity them, the only pilot who survived the massacre woke up from his coma.
The group managed to infiltrate the military hospital and to question the pilot about the sector and it’s characteristics.
Your task is now to describe this sector in order to allow the small group to sneak through the sector without being noticed by the Precursors.
Dear Pilots, we want to give you the chance to make a creative contribution to the game.
We want to announce a competition for the best concept of a tournament map! Create your own sector!
Everyone is allowed to participated. One player - one map.
Materials for the competition:

  • (Required) Description of the map, how do you imagine the battles on your map.
  • (Required) Picture #1: The tactical map with the placement of objects and environment (asteroids, etc.) showing the location of game objects (lighthouses, etc.), possible routes of movement of players and other things that help to express your idea.
    • If you want to suggest your map for different game modes, we recommend to create seperate tactical maps.
  • (Optional) Picture #2: If you want you can show the depth or height of the maps by using editors like Google Scetch Up.
  • (Optional) Pictures: We welcome visual references of the objects that you expect to see on the map or objects you got inspired by.
  • (Optional) Description of the background story of the map (if you’re writing a background story, note that the event should take place in the disputed territories, where the factions faced the Precursors).

Requirements for different game modes:

  • (Required) Game mode “Domination” (Arcade mode, 3 beacons).
  • (Optional) Game mode “Beacon Capture” (Realistic mode, 6 lighthouses, 3 on each side).
  • (Optional/bonus) Game mode “Deathmatch” (Arcade mode without beacons, Team Deathmatch or Free for all.)

Technical limitations:

  • The map should not be bigger than 30 km. Below is a screenshot of the map “Abandoned Outpost”, the length of one side squared is 30 km.


  • Asteroids and other objects should not be bigger than 2km.
  • Don’t add too many objects on the map. Star Conflict is a space game and not a korridor game. As comparisson take the already existing maps.
  • The plan should be well structured and understandable, Images should be create as .jpg and not smaller than 1024x768.

Submitting your work:
Send your work to our mailbox -
You can submit your work until June 12, 2013 at 23:59(UTC +4, Moscow). After the deadline the work will be forwarded to the devs and they will choose the winners. Also the people’s votes will be added.
1st place - 5000 Galactic Standards and the implementation of your map + elite weapon of your choice
2nd plac e - 3000 + Galactic Standards + experimental weapon of your choice
3rd place - 2000 Galactic Standards
We wish you all good luck and may the creativity be with you (;
P.S. All discussions and questions here.

Dear players, I have changed some of the conditions of contest:


  • Now please send your work to our mailbox ( and if it’s possible, please resend your works to this e-mail. Sorry.
  • Added people’s voting. Will be active after the end of registration.