Community managers dialogues. Part #2

Good day!

In the beginning of the next month we are planning to present to you the second video of the Community managers dialogues.

This time we will have a special guest.

She is the head of the testers department in our company and is the irreplacable member of our team.

She agreed to answer your question so don’t miss an opportunity to ask her about all those issues that preoccupy you.




Your posts should be:

  1. relevant (related to testing, current game features, etc)

  2. short

  3. clear

Your questions will be accepted untill the 5th of October.




Please, answer my 20 questions as best you can.

All of them may not be entirely related to the above specifications, but we would like your answers nevertheless.




Can you test a tier V Special Ops - Defiler and Destroyer mission again or at least Defiler mission?

Note: Do it with the latest balance changes, which includes the latest update 1.2.1 or above.



Will you adapt Special Ops - Defiler mission, so that it will be available in lower tiers too, like in tier III and tier IV in terms of difficulty?

Note: Randoms stand 0% chance of completing this mission in tier V. Waste of duplicators, unless if this is a sole purpose.



When will you implement monocrystal loot spots, during looting (same chance % as Mark 4 Kits) in tier IV and V PvP or/and PvE?

Note: If not, please explain the exact reason, why such thing is not possible. We all want it. We all asking for it for a long time now.



How are you progressing with the implementation of [Fort Muerto base as the 4th dockable Station](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/26507-add-special-pirate-cargo-transactionexchange-drone-in-fort-muerto/), like it was mentioned in the suggestion section?

Note: Do not forget about 2 Fort Muerto’s Cargo Drones, where you can exchange resources.



Tell me that it isn’t true, that you are not allowed to constructively criticize anything or anyone, even when the situation warrants it?

Note: Constructive criticism allows us to express our opinions and it also listed in the constitution (freedom of speech) as our liberty and right.



How far are you with completion of T5 Dreadnought Battles and the Laboratory features?



I am strongly encouraging you, to include Secret Project ship’s passive synergy rank bonuses, so that we can fully customize them.

To balance this feature, maybe the same rule (module diminishing effect) can also work for some synergy rank bonuses, or maybe certain abilities are not allowed to be stacked, to prevent perfect builds?



Do you have any plans on releasing a single “customization” DLC, which gives you full customization abilities with an expanded functionality and features for a reasonable price?

I suggested this a long time ago and Skula1975 or Akaurl said “Great idea!”, but now it has been almost 2 years already!



Dreadnoughts lack so many things from my perspective.

If you compare defenses from a crippled PvE dreadnought and the one in SQ, you can clearly see, that a fully working dreadnought performs much, much worse, than a crippled one, if you exclude the main guns.

Bottom compartment should be equipped with additional rocket launchers and different types of guns as well. Small calliber guns should be present on both sides of a dreadnought and not just one.

Will you make some improvements to it, if I provide you with a suggestion, how to implement such features in a better way with minimal changes or improvements?



Do you realize, that you hold a very good potential with this game, but the only problem which mostly affects this game is of some technical issues and stability of servers.

Servers performance is the main issue here, which provides a solid or horrid experience.

How will you fix this, provided that you get enough income?



Where are the [new promised missions or quests](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/28224-old-ship-quests-renewal/?p=335736)? I still see the same ones!



When will we get a female voice acters for this game and the ability to choose our gender under our profile?

If you got a woman avatar, you can’t expect your pilot to yell “Help me out!” in the male’s voice!



I need to know more about the Cruisers!

How do you plan to implement them into so small maps and limited areas and how will they differ from the rest of the ships?

Forget about your non-disclosure policy, just for a bit.



Who is responsible that this game is not getting enough resources (funds) and why?



When will Star Conflict be equally or more important than War Thunder?



Why did you start another project, called Crossout, when you’re already engaged in Star Conflict?

Note: It draws much suspicion and rumors out, that the Star Conflict failed to met or fulfil desired expectations.



How is it going with the implementation of salvageable workshop components?


18.)How would you rate this game, each of you, and tell me honestly from 1-10 scale?

Note: If you say 1 or 10, I won’t believe you.



What else do you have planned (including with paid promotion) to get more players in?

Note: It is easy to attract more players, but it is harder to keep them.



What exactly will you do, to revise the economy of this game, to be more fast-paced in terms of progression, when it comes to module upgrades or synergy progress of standard ships?

Note: This is very important to keep players and to bring continuous investments, especially if the price is reasonable and not skyrocketed.


21.) Any progress on this suggestion? It is my most ambitious module idea and I always wanted it to have it.

Note: This module will be the most complex, but it could be very interesting. I want to know your opinion.


22.) Will you expand or improve Spatial Scanner functionality, by adding object detection even behind obstacles, where sensors usually don’t detect them?

At least, will you add the ability, that you can identify all container’s loot, if you’re close enough?

Note: I think that we don’t need new modules, but this Spatial Scanner can also serve as very useful, multi-puporse tool.

         If it is becomes too powerful, remove 7% critical chance from it, so that it will be only and exclusively usable in Open Space mode.






Do you guys know what direction the game development is going in?


What is the balance between bug and balance testing that the testers use?

I think that I updated my questionnaire post a bit too late. :wink:

If not, you can close the thread now, since the deadline expired yesterday, on 5th of October.

I think that I updated my questionnaire post a bit too late. :wink:

It’s ok.


Thanks for the questions, the topic is closed.