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Hey guys!

Long story short.

Link to a discord I made, since the staff does not really want to make an official discord, since it did not go that well. I intended to make a community based project. Above is the link to join. If you want to join and you use discord you are welcome, also you can invite your friends. The Discord is based on ENGLISH. Yes russians may join too, if they know english to some extend. Or I find someone to make a russian subsection and we can make it for everyone.

I also localized the servers in western europe, to make it as good as possible from US to RU.

@Officials: Like Doombot or Cinnamon or whoever, you can join too if you want to give it a shot, I even made group for you guys just in case.


  • Post things where they belong, it is clearly stated in a pinned message in every  channel.

  • Behave nice.

  • Memes and Off-Topic are fine, in the right channels.

  • And of course, no insults, no cybermobbing, no trashtalk

  • And don’t make me add any other rules.

Basically, should we get enough people on the discord I would want to recruit moderators etc. but that’s for later.
I also made a group that is needed in order to post videos in the yt channel and streams on the twitch channel, in order to prevent spam.

Feel free to join. 

Count me in ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

well then

Omega fighter is

2 hours ago, OmegaFighter said:

Link to a discord I made,

Omega, thank you! That is a wonderful idea! I like it! ![:):](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/).png “:):”)


But: You do not refer to a discord (“disagreement, dispute”) you are referring to a voice over IP voice and chat service for gamers. Would be good to have that clarification right in your intro. You might want to edit your announcement, Omega? Would be good, imho.



joining intensifies*

Seems like discord is the new cool. All the big forums and gaming forums now use discord.

For some odd reason it is now impossible to post in the section Community Projects, therefore I moved it to here.

(The options of places was hardly limited, it was either this or Off Topic, and in Off Topic it gets lost…)

Now we even welcome Lezort & CinnamonFake on board, if you didn’t join yet do it! ![:p](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/004.png “:p”)

Oh dear, somewhere else I can waste my time in pointless chatting ![:p](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/004.png “:p”)

Just saying,

Really well done omega !!. . . i love the erisbot and will be on your discord server almost every time i m in game.  Listening to erisbot.