Commander Jocund



  • Status: OPS leader
  • Age: 45 bio years
  • Origin: Haldon system
  • Character type: sanguine
  • Character traits: arrogant; cheerful; ruthless; does not hide his emotions;


Arnold Jocund was born into a family of Federation smugglers and despised the law since his childhood. Since the age of seven, he has been actively involved in the family business, at first distracting customs officers and then inventing new criminal schemes.

By the age of fifteen, Jocund was bored with the life of a smuggler and decided to embark on the life-threatening path of a pirate. With the money he had saved over the years, he purchased one of the many modifications of the “Lynx” ship, learned that an unguarded transport ship was arriving, and for the first time in his life, he committed a robbery.


With each subsequent raid, Jocund acted more and more boldly, sometimes literally snatching his prey right under the noses of the sector police. This kind of luck and audacity made him a reputation. In 4605, Jocund assembled a small gang, where he received the nickname Commander. His raids became more and more insane, sometimes half of his associates died in the battle with the guards, but Jocund’s ship didn’t get a scratch.


During the Invasion, the Commander slightly changed his occupation: fighting the Aliens was much more interesting for Jocund than fighting humans. One day, he single-handedly destroyed an elite Crystallid hunter on a dare.


The commander openly mocks death, he has an eternally uplifted mood, and some evil tongues even say that Jocund has hyperthermia.


The portrait of Commander Jocund can only be obtained in the “Star Conflict: Joker” pack.