Combat recon totally broken

I was unable to spawn during cobat recon. I joined to game only to see defeated screen. I also got no loot from battle.




So, what was the reason behind the removing the countdown? I mean they could have just as easily lowered it instead of going from one extreme to the other.

Here is another Problem: regular ships have to ‘move’ towards the captain and he will eventually see them coming. Taikins and sometimes Thargas will simply ‘appear’ next to the captain due to teleportation bullcrap. And once they managed to press ‘F’ or ‘Strafe Up’ they will proceed to kill him with ‘balanced’ weaponry.

This has happened to me as well. A few times, to be exact.

Yup same here. In-progress battles should not happen with combat recon.


I would suggest that combat recon be made in to its own queue. Same with CTB.