Combat Recon mode - necessary additional features

I am terribly irritated, when we got Combat Recon mode in 75% of cases.

First, I am not particularly fond of the mode, especially, if I get assigned “random fortune cookies” on my team.

It becomes much worse, if that “random fortune cookie” has only one ship, such as a Tackler or a Long Range Frigate, or worse, those ships are from rank 8 in a rank 15 match, when on the opposite side there is a Vigilant as the enemy Captain. Unfortunately, this tends to happen very often, because the game will choose from 3 random players and it will disregard any other characteristics, except for the current rating.



3 persons with the highest rating:

My ship setup: 15, 15, 15, 14

Random ship setup, 8, 0, 0, 0

Random 2 ship setup, (8,10,11,0)


Just give us one option (become the Captain, if you confirm, otherwise everything else is at default)


Additional features:

  • 3 players with the highest rating in Combat Recon mode should get either highlighted names, or maybe the color of their nicknames should be changed, or you should see the “Skull emblem” on each

  • by pressing “spacebar” key during the process of Combat Recon selection (there should be limited time period to do that), you can actually override the decision and become the Captain, as long as you’re one of the 3 potential people to be selected as the Captain

  • this change only applies, if the match just started and the Captain has yet to be determined from the players