Combat Reboot

I have a question about the mechanics of combat reboot. The descrption says that it interrupts ALL negative effects and prevents new negative effects. The ship also gains temporary invulnerability. There have been multiple instances where an ECM activates their ion diffuser or stasis generator and I am unable to break free. Does this mean that the combat reboot only actually interrupts effects like engine suppression and target painting? Should combat reboot break free of an ion diffuser or stasis generator? Discuss!

Combat Reboot will clear away ALL negative effects except stuns and silences. So, the only instances in which you can’t use it are basically under the effects of the Ion Emitter, Stasis Generator and Metastasis Field Generator stun wave. So yeah, ECMs are the only ships that are ale to counter the Reboot by preventing it.

Free kill buttons against anything smaller than a frigate/a federation ship.

I won’t consider it a free kill… ECM stuns dramatically speed up the demise of the victim, only if the victim is in danger to begin with. There’s also already been a reduction in ECM module durations.


Back on topic: from a flavour standpoint, combat reboot should be able to bypass everything. Else it’s a really misleading misnomer.