Combat alert. Timeline of events


The timeline of important events in the world of Star Conflict for the upcoming weeks.

Sincerely, Star Conflict Team

Allllllright - as per usual I’ll be writing a text form version for anyone whose browser doesn’t support the actual combat alert above and for anyone just dropping by for references to specific dates and announcements. That ouf of the way let us begin.


  • 3rd December - Tornado DLC launch
    • Do note it doesn’t have the “Mk3 Plasma Gun” yet
  • 10th of December - “Communication Session” with Larry Seldon
    • I’m unsure of what to think about this one; could be a lore teaser regarding Relic, information on the upcoming passes or the sudden appearance of the “Mk3 Plasma Gun”
  • 17th of December - Faction Wars Stage One | Fight Club brawl | Cyber Santa packs | “Klauss Inc.” weapons
    • " Faction wars "  is the name of the new battlepass event which as per usual you will need to purchase the pass in order to earn ALL rewards - without the pass you will only earn rewards from every 5 stages
    • Fight Club brawl as per the previous Dev Blog is “Last Man Standing”… but with Seed Chips. Be preapred to be OHKO’d a LOT and deal with fully invincible ships for extended periods of time. I’d advise against entering this brawl if you aren’t fairly heavily chipped out and ready to fight players who have spent months setting up ships with seed chips.
    • Cyber Santa packs are here every year - you can likely reference posts regarding it from previous years to check the contents
    • Klauss Inc.  on the other hand have been very quiet in regards ro new weaponary with the last set of “experimental” weapons from them officially being  in 2015  with the Mass Driver, Flux Phaser and Phase Suppressor. We’ll see if these will be new general additions to the game or ship exclusives when Faction Wars begins of course.
  • 28th of December -****“Polar Bear” DLC and “Polar Bear Deluxe” DLC
    • Same deal with “Plague Doctor” most likely - so timed purchase window but unlimited usage unlike the mistakes that were Black Ghost and Papa Crab’s.
  • 1st of January - New Year (4621 in game, 2021 if you aren’t under a rock)
    • Although not listed every new year we have had the same premium ship sale - on New Year’s eve every premium ship will be on sale for next year’s amount of GS, so this year will be 2021 for all ships with prices above 2021GS while all under will still be heavily discounted. If you’ve been thinking about buying a premium ship - wait till the big sale.
  • 3rd of January - Task Marathon
    • Possibly like the Halloween Marathon - just minor rewards for fairly basic tasks.
  • 28th of January - “Relic” DLC and “Relic Deluxe” DLC | Faction Wars Stage Two
    • Relic DLC being on the same day as Stage Two’s release is very curious as all other ship DLC’s in the past have been at least a month after free acquisition has ended - this could possibly mean Relic will only need the completion of “Faction Wars Stage One” rather than both stages like… every other battlepass ship.
    • Same deal as last Stage announcement for  Faction Wars  - if you don’t own the pass you will receive rewards for every 5 stages, if you own it then you will receive all shown rewards in the pass.
      • Also xenochips.


This Combat Alert leaves a bit of curiosity - in particular the event on the 10th of Decembre with Larry Seldon which as I just checked; is the fellow associated with “New Foundation” sooo… this could be anything really. Relic’s DLC being on the 28th of January is also  VERY  curious as per what I said above; ship DLCs normally only come out a while after free acquisition has ended so Stage Two of Faction Wars may wind up having the fabled “Wideboi” aka the Empire Rank 17 Destroyer which as been in and out of the game files most of the year. 

Derp coming in clutch with the tldr as usual

Tornado dlc, huh, that means Tornado parts will not be tradable? will the new passes have additional parts as reward?

7 hours ago, LanSkyman said:

Tornado dlc, huh, that means Tornado parts will not be tradable? will the new passes have additional parts as reward?

I guess not - New passes are for Relic or at least stage one is. Stage two is a big 'ol question mark.

_Okay_so I hope the dates on this are subject to change because today was Stage 40 of Phase 1 for the more hardcore Non-deluxe pass holders. Which means 21 days of actually nothing until Phase 2 if the dates aren’t subject to change.


Fingers crossed Phase 2 is earlier than slated I guess.

Ok, so are we not going to talk about the fact that the Relic DLC still isn’t out?

55 minutes ago, ZallionTDE5974 said:

Ok, so are we not going to talk about the fact that the Relic DLC still isn’t out?

What the f*ck is a schedule and can you eat it

So seriously, Sshedi, where is the Relic DLC? You tell us it will be out on the 28th. Now, it’s not out and no one even says why, or even that it will be delayed. Gaijin is absolutely silent on the matter. I am seriously beginning to wonder why I invested in this game, or ANY of Gaijin’s games. As paying customers, we deserve better.

Just in case anyone is following this, here’s the continuance: