collected reward counted for the next day

Here ya go.

  1. The reward for the Spring Marathon from yesterday counted as todays.

  2. I expected it to allow me to do todays mission.

  3. I finished the mission but didn’t collect it immediately. I went afk and when I returned had to log off

for the game to recognize that a reward was supposed to be awarded. The server clock had rolled over to the next day

while I was afk so the daily login award was given then the mission reward was given. When I went to accept

the new mission it showed as me needing to wait 21hrs and 40 some minutes until I could start the next mish.

4. #3 pretty well covers it.

  1. Just the one time.

  2. No logs or screen shots at this time. Do you really need them?

  3. server time roughly 02:18.

  4. old Acer laptop with win 7 franchise.

  5. Not applicable.

  6. Not applicable.


If this can be fixed SOON then please reset my mission counter.
If it can’t be fixed soon then please increase my credits by 5 mil. That’s the total of what 10 r11 pve pays me.
Also award me the r11 box.
I would have had these anyway.




Similar thing has happened to me. In my case I finished a mission on the next day after accepting it. Unfortunately, it is time limited and not based on one mission for each day system so I too lost one opportunity. Not a big deal tho. 

It’s a loss, because you lose way more as ‘just a day’. Hopefully this get fixed.

Assuming it works like OS daily missions, theres nothing to fix. You cant stack the mission so you have to complete it in time for the mission renewal. Daily login bundles and x2 synergy bonuses work different.

If you didn’t copmplete a quest you can’t assign new quest.

Not a bug

They completed the quest. That’s why they report it.

The quest is considered to be complete, when the reward had been taken. Only after that, cooldown time starts.