‘Collapsed Laboratory’ panorama



The UMC continues to talk about the current events in the Star Conflict universe. The history of fringe sectors is being made before our very eyes.



Former imperial sectors
System: Felony


Before the war this sector had one of the imperial scientific laboratories, deployed to study the planets. The object had virtually no protection, so the staff escaped during the invasion. The buildings were destroyed by aliens, who also destroyed all living things in the zone. Now they are always there. No explanation has yet been found for this, because biomorphs and other aliens show no interest in the laboratory’s ruins.


Today you can occasionally see caravans from Sparta here, and hence, there are also pirates. Except for humanitarian assistance to refugees from the depths of the fallen Empire, which flooded the station ‘Guard-17’ in recent days, the Sparta convoy ships carry valuable equipment that will allow to recover the weapon factories and automated shipyards of the destroyed lab.


Pirates and free pilots are now actively digging in the wreckage of the laboratory and attacking the merchant convoys. According to some intelligence, they are actively supported by businessmen from the Separate Worlds. And the ‘Sargas Fund’ is basically officially finances some pirate associations.

Can you develop this storyline with Sparta and the Separate Worlds? Maybe you can add more fun to Open Space. And not just xenochip events, but some real serious new story lines or new Aliens, or new stations. Something serious. Adding xenochips does not mean updating Open Space, and you have it in your road map. Didn’t you write it in your blog? When are you going to improve Open Space? Half a year ago you promised to update it. Where are the changes??? Xenochips are just cosmetic changes. It’s good you gave at least some development to Open Space. Continue, please.
P.S. the xenochips are a good idea, and please, do it regularly. But, remember about serious epic things, please.
PSS and, yeah, I know you fix bugs and fix broken things, thanks, but they are not gameplay changes. Make Open Space more interesting!