COLDKILL1 application

I’m new to Star Conflict but I am catching on fast. It seems to be an easy transition from War Thunder.

I would like to join a corporation for glory in the Sector Conquest campaign.




Age: 26

Seattle, USA

Level 3 (it’s going up as fast as it will)



Communication (teamspeak)

Ambush techniques

Flying in formation

Acting Wingman


Flight Experience: 

1+ year WarThunder

2+ years ArmA



When your T3, contact NASA, were the largest and most established SC empire corp in North America. 


Remember, to participate in sector conquest you need a minimum of at least Rank 11 ships to enter. Most corporations require at least 4 rank 11 ships in your line up to be considered to join the Sector Conquest. 


Otherwise, please PM for teamspeak info. Cause I rather have you fly with some good ol fashion Yankee squads.