Coil Mortars Stop Firing [NB]

The Coil Mortars guns on the Frigate ships sometimes stop firing for myself and others I know. The overheat bar doesn’t fill up or decrease, and after an unknown amount of time ( sometimes a few seconds, sometimes longer ), they do decrease and I can fire the guns again. If I keep firing them, they don’t overheat, but nothing fires, and after those few seconds it fires once and completely overheats.


The gun description doesn’t say anything like this is supposed to happen.


The bug occurs quite often, once in every 10 shots from the gun.


You can reproduce it just by firing.




That’s how coil mortar works… the more cannons you have, more shots you will be able to shot in a row. The overheating doesnt matter, every cannon has his internal cooldown. A guard with 4 cannons will fire much less shots than a long range with 6 cannons.

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