Coil Mortar Vs Heavy Blaster

which one is more powerful on frigates??

these weapons do significantly differ from each other.


Damage type is thermal vs kinetic.

So it depends on the resis of your opponent.


HB is dealing more dmg as it heats up while CM is constant.

I.e. if you can shoot longer time on your opponen HB > CM


Best way is you try out both and also the ammunition to see which ones suits your more.

Every weapon is strong in the right hands and there is no “best” PvP weapon.


In most cases HB is the “best” PvE weapon by the way.




The heavy Blaster is a “Progressive/Degressive DPS” weapon (Depending the Target) : 

  • The rate of fire increase when firing for a certain time
  • The Spread increase when firing to a maximum of 2.5° (can be decresed)
  • The damage / projectile speed do not change


This weapon is not, at the difference of what have been mentionned before,  better than the Coil Mortar for long duration shooting phase.


It’s mainly depending of your target and of your positionning :

Due to the spread mechanics, the Heavy blaster is better for Close/Low Med range combat.

Secondly, due to the RoF mechanic : the weapon will have a certain disavantage against mobile ennemy ships (Mainly Interceptors / Fed Fighters) in terms of DPS output during the first seconds (If the interceptors or the fighters decide to just poke/harass/Hit&Run you will not be able to deal a decisive amount of damage as punition).

Thirdly, in case of Med range / High Med / Long Range firing, the spread mechanics will play against you and reduce your DPS against mobile Target. (Note this weapon is also subject to the “Maximal Range degressive damage effect”)

Last point, as all the other frigates weapons, the DPS displayed in the Hangar is not the true DPS of this weapons. Don’t let big number bait your choice.


In general terms, the Heavy blaster is a bit more dependant of the amount of CPU on ships to be effectives against all the target. While the Coil Mortar is more dependant of the amount of Capacitor Slot.

In general terms, the Heavy Blaster is mainly an Anti-Frigate weapon (At med range, the spread mechanics are countered by Frigate’s Hitbox)


I already explained the case of the Coil Mortar :


The case of the Coil Mortar is a bit different due to multiple factor and involved mechanics with this weapon :

  • Explosive Damage = -25% Damage against Interceptors / ±0% against fighters / +25% damage against frigates
  • Firing Barrel Rotation = At the difference of all the others weapons, the Rate of Fire of the Coil Mortar is impacted by the Amount of “Weapon Slot” on a Ship, The base RoF on a Guard/Engineer is 84 Rounds/Minutes and 126 Rounds/minutes for a LRF. Secondly, All the cannons are not firing at the same time, there is a “Firing Cycle” : Each Barrel will shot separatly following a pattern (Gun 1 → Gun 2 → Gun 3 → Gun 4 → Gun 1 → Gun 2 ectect). And this is extremly important because depending of the ship and the Gun Cycle, your firing arc and blindspot will be changed.
  • Self Damage : Like all the other explosion mechanics, the Coil Mortar is one of the 2 weapons able to deal damage to your own ship, making it extremly dangerous to use in Close Range. (Your resistance are applied) In case of an Interceptors decide to hug you, you will deal more damage to yourself than to the Interceptor.

The 2 special things with the Coil Mortar are :

  • No Degressive Damage Effect (Optimal Range = Max Range)
  • Explosion Radius : First thing : You can deal damage on a 200m Radius when the Projectile explode. Secondly the Projectile will automatly detect and explode in 75m Radius around the ennemy (You don’t need Direct Hit)


The Coil Mortar have an extremly slow projectile speed, Can overheat super fast (the weapon is overheating if you try to shot in the blindspot while no cannon is firing) and is extremly hard to optimize if you are not flying an LRF.


The first stats to improve is the Projectile speed (Acceleration Coil / Implant Rank 6), the munition is now to expensive to be used on other thing than a LRF.

This weapon is extremly hard to improve before the T3 (Implants + Acceleration Coil + Base Projectile Speed)

Secondly, the DPS displayed in the Hangar is not the True DPS of this weapon depending of your Target.

It depends on your target.  I’ll use PvE as an example since it provides a good “case study.”


Coil mortars are good against hulls and multiple clustered targets.  The clustered targets is mainly with bots, since even squads are almost never tightly packed enough to matter for coil mortars.  Coils have the highest potential DPS of any gun due solely to the fact that they can inflict damage on multiple ships at once. That’s very rare in PvP, and only against bot clusters in invasion.  On the other hand, coil mortars do not require precise aim.  Spread can be tolerable with mortars.  They’re good on hulls, good at clustered targets, and good for bad aim.


Heavy blasters are the DPS king of the game.  They’re weak at individual targets far away, almost trivial.  Against a slow moving target, or immobile and large like in PvE, they are brutal.  They’re frigate destroyers.  Against an interceptor you could lose.  Coils are better in that case due to the proximity detonation.  Make no mistake, heavy blasters are the DPS king of the game.  If you’re in a frigate and you have a heavy blasters coming at you then you should take notice.


For a final note, coils are easier to use, more casual.  Heavy blasters require some more skill for positioning since you can easily be out positioned and die as a result.  You’ll rely on your team for defense.

It must be noted that both weapons benefit largely from the Electronic guidance. Just one in the HB make it perfect for frigates and fighters, even at mid range.


With two in a LRF, you have a very nice heavy suppression weapon

Heavy blaster practically requires an electronic guidance. Coil mortar goes along perfectly fine without one, but it doesn’t hurt to put one on.


I might be pulling numbers out my rear for this part, but I’m pretty sure heavy blaster has the longest heat up time in the game, and coil mortars the second shortest for frigates. That’s also something to consider.


If you play PvE, there’s no doubt that heavy blaster is the best. You do huge dps on all the targets that are too dumb to dodge, which is extremely important on the final stage of most of the maps. Coil mortar is alright for PvE, but it’s not got as much dps. Bots do cluster together from time to time, but it’s not as common as you might think at first.


If you play PvP, on the other hand, that’s an entirely different matter. I personally prefer heavy blaster, so I can take out the heavy ships easier. Coil mortar generally takes out hull more efficiently, and usually destroys an engineer’s drones if you land so much as a single shot on them. I wouldn’t say it’s that much better for defending against interceptors, since typically they’ll be orbiting your frig, and you’ll be taking 125% damage to their 75%, and you’ll be failing to fire half the time. The choice between these is generally a matter of personal preference in PvP.