Coil Mortar really is a game breaker (for me) atm



I know im gonna be flamed for this to the max but MEH! :wink:


The coil mortar … u get hit through walls, behind asteroids basicly theres no hiding from it… its a game breaker at the least 

i understand an underpowered weapon to get a buff but this is ridiculous (understatement of the year) 

its like in other MMO’s if something(class) isnt used for a bit and it gets Overpowered to the max then EVERYONE and a hamster uses it then u know theres something wrong 

all u see now is guard/engie’s/snipers with coil mortars in pvp cause its so much fun to just shoot walls or whatnot and see the kills beeing reeled in 


i know im just playing for a month but had lots of fun untill the coil mortar buff 


and if the reason for the buff was we cant hit interceptors with a coil mortar then maybe that just isnt the gun to kill an interceptor??? use a more efficient gun for the little bugs

i also know that if u get behind a ship it renders it mostly useless but still EVERYONE is using a mortar so try to get behind the guard ship then his buddy just shoots him and poof u die 

the buff made it and im sorry to say this hopefully without offending ppl the biggest noobgun in history


I wonder what kind of ship you are flying…

add cinetic resist, and don’t hide behind walls.


When everybody learns that, people will stop using coils.

Doesnt really matter flying covert ops / gunship / engie sometimes (without coil mortar) with eclipse launcher to do what im supposed to heal team mates and or shoot stuff 

but if theres a whole team with coil mortars against u which happens like 90% of the time now after the buff its pretty much useless and im not one for if u cant beat em join em :stuck_out_tongue:



Doesnt really matter flying covert ops / gunship / engie

In fact, it have an importance, Explosive damage (Coil Mortar/Eclipse/Missiles ectect) deals -34% damage against interceptors, +/-0% against Fighters and +34% damage against frigates.

Secondly the Coil Mortar (as well as all the others weapons) have it’s own strengh and weakness.


You are facing its strengh but you didn’t find its weakness.

The buff to the coil mortars wasn’t needed. Once you buff something that is weak to another class, when faced against classes it was already deceit at makes the weapon overpowered to the other classes. Here is a diagram to help understanding.

Before buff:

Inties vs Coil Mortar - Coil Mortar is underpowered.

Fighters or Frigates vs Coil Mortar - Coil Mortar is just fine.

After buff:

Inties vs Coil Mortar - Coil Mortar is just fine.

Fighters or Frigates vs Coil Mortar - Coil Mortar is overpowered.

Really though, my opinion is unbiased. I use this weapon before the buff and after and I am abusing the crap out of it now.

All that was needed to solve the coil mortars weakness to interceptors was not the coil mortar itself but the interceptor. If the removal of explosion protection was removed then when the coil mortar does hit it deals more damage but at a less frequent rate.

Razka, I already know the coil mortar weakness. Slow projectile speed, easily identifiable source, large spread and unable to fire at sharp angles. Two of these weaknesses can be minimized with an ammo type or ship modifiers. Using turn keys helps to minimize being unable to shoot at large angles. That leaves only the easily identifiable source. But what happens when you destroy something so quickly. The team must help you.

Some positives not mentioned are the human and computer factor. Against average players the coil mortar may shock you if you are wearing a headset. Explosion make the rest of the screen darker. Rapid coil mortar can cause lower spec computers to lag quite a lot.

i do know its weaknesses FA get behind the ship or equip loads of kinetic resist … but there shouldnt be 1 gun to rule them all its not LOTR (or is that a ring cant remember) anyhows equipping loads of kinetic resist makes u vulnerable to everything else shouldnt be needed gettting behind the ship is fine if there wasnt another 1000938776 +1 coil mortars shooting bombs everywhere



Really though, my opinion is unbiased.

Your opinion is biased.


You don’t take in count all the available settup, objective mode, map and gamemode, as well as you are speaking about a meta with only 1 Kinetic Weapon for Frigates.


The buff on the Coil Mortar didn’t make it “OP”, it was already like this.



Coil Mortar

Explosion radius increased by 20%

No longer damages host ship

No damage, no Projectile speed, no Rate of Fire Buff.

The damage are still the same. It’s just the Explosion Radius.

After buff:

Frigates vs Coil Mortar - Coil Mortar is overpowered.

How exactly? It was really easy to hit frigates before the explosion radius buff… How does this buff make mortar OP against frigates?

How exactly? It was really easy to hit frigates before the explosion radius buff… How does this buff make mortar OP against frigates?

vs frigballs not frigates :slight_smile:

with that explosion radius frigball on enemy side is so nice to pew pew 

well never had problems with any gun really in the month im playing this game got killed by all and killed ppl using all guns but now u dont see nothing but coil mortars i dont know the numbers or whatnot but thats the game developers job :slight_smile: and if after a buff a gun gets used by 90% of the ppl playing dropping all ships to get the easy kills it needs to be looked into its ruling the pvp atm theres no escape from it whatsoever and ppl saying dont hide behind asteroids … yeah go fly your ship in the open and hide for nothing cause that really helps …

I tried the coils again and they are more useful now without host damage but the eclipse for me is still much better. I don’t see it being overpowered.

Also You may be seeing more people trying them out and they will work until pilots start changing their setups to react.

For more important changed issue was ‘‘no longer damage host ship’’  It was really easy to kill frigates before that , even if you dont shoot they kill them self if you close enough. 

Now coils just fine , if you are an inty stop hiding  get closer/ start shoot and learn blind spots/  kill the frigate problem solved

Increased AOE means they wanted it to counter frigball & Inty.


Had they wanted just an Inty counter they would have increase projectile speed.

Coils are, and have always been one of the best frigate weapons around. They have decent range, they do lots of damage, aoe means they can hurt tightly packed ships, the overheat rate is reasonable, and the primary meta for resists is anti-thermal, or anti-em (due to positrons and EM torps). This gives coils a natural advantage over many builds, and the lack of friendly fire is just icing on the cake.


If you want to counter the coil mortar, you have to actually COUNTER it. You need kinetic resists. Other frigates have the option of simply outranging the coil mortar, and it’s terrible in a turning fight so inties just need to stay behind it, but if you can’t do either of those then stacking kinetic resists is the way to go.


Remember; the coil’s greatest strength is the metagame. It is powerful because everyone assumes nobody uses it.

Really though, my opinion is unbiased. I use this weapon before the buff and after and I am abusing the crap out of it now.



  :santa:  Ho ho ho.


The Coils are fine. They are still more a weapon of Terror, but at least, the terror now includes also kills.


You can get a lot of kills with every weapon after every change, because people need time to adjust. Kinetic Weapons for a fashion got so much underused, that normally nobody would even care about his kinetic hole…


It has several different ways to use the weapon anyway. From spraying Sigurdrs to acceleration coiled precision shots, not every coil has the same danger for every role/class.


I found them adequate before the buff too, but i don’t think they were “overbuffed”. Even then, the self-damage part being gone was really nice for this weapon. Maybe, if they are a bit overbuffed, it can’t be more than a few per mil…

I use them a lot, so I am quite unbiased aswell.

I’m a big fan of coil mortar but it isn’t OP in my opinion. Intys can simply  figure out the radius and stay just out of that blast (dont hover near beacons too closely). Also Guards can stop kinetic weapons easy with resists and shield phasing.   It may be my fave weapon, but I see people who have other favorites (eclipse launcher) that seem to smash me up pretty well, no matter what ship I have.  Also the slow firing, and high spread mean you have to waste a lot of module slots to make the coil mortar a real beast in battle.

  I think it’s pretty well balanced, though maybe Beam Cannon should be improved a bit, as it seems kinda weak? Maybe I just suck with it or more people use thermal resists?

  I think it’s pretty well balanced, though maybe Beam Cannon should be improved a bit, as it seems kinda weak? Maybe I just suck with it or more people use thermal resists?


Beam Cannon is fine as it is. It was actually nerfed because it’s crit-damage was too high. Lots of people still have high thermal resists because thermal resist was the meta. Now the meta is shifting more towards kinetic, as all kinetic weapons got a buff recently.

One of the primary reasons you are seeing more Coil Mortars (and in fact all other weapons other than Heat) is due to the major nerf on the range of the Curved Reflector. A lot of people, especially on Inties, used the Curved Reflectors for that +33% boost to DPS, which was fine with a -35% reduction to range, but now that it’s at -50%, people had to re-think their builds… myself included.


I always liked Coils, even before the buff of the gun or the nerf of the Curved Reflector, however previously any Heavy Blaster + Curved Reflector made me stick to that on all of my Frigate builds almost exclusively… well… if I wanted to win. >_>


I still use Heavy Blasters, Beams, and Positrons for the higher DPS with the other ammos, and even have a few builds that still use Curved Reflector, however I don’t have to aim as hard with Coils, so I do now tend to use them more to compensate for lack of skill and the fact that I don’t have purple versions of every weapon yet at Tier 4-5. ^_^

Yep. Personally, I have used coil mortars on lots of my frigates for a long time. I use coils on all of my jericho guards as well as my heavy gunboat builds for lrf.

I have tended to stray away from the curved reflector on frigates, even before the nerf. I would always use a flat reflector or focusing lens (which I still use to this day). The only frigate I used to use curved reflector on was my T-Rex Mk2 with heavy blasters, but now I use the focusing lens.


Back to the topic of coils being game-breaking: Coils aren’t really as OP as people make them out to be. Their explosion radius is high, yes, but they tend to have high spread (especially when paired with Vanadium shells), and require aiming ahead of a moving target. Coils aren’t the greatest for high DPS (unless they are on lrfs), heavy blasters can do far more damage over time than coils, especially at close range. Coils tend to lack effectiveness at close range, as their fire-rate decreases when shooting to the side or backwards. Hitting inties or fast fighters at close range is also challenging with coil mortars compared to other weapons.


If you are tired of getting pwnd by coils, put on more kinetic resistance, or use the F1 implant, which reduces explosion damage.