Co-op - Laser-based weapons from bots can do damage before it lands or locks on the target!

Bug report: Laser-based weapons, Frigates, Co-op, bots, visual issue, inconsistency.



What happened?

I have noticed that bots in Co-op if you play R10-12, can often deal thermal damage even before you can see the target lock before the laser is able to shift the aim from one target to the other.

In other words, Laser-based weapons, especially regular lasers on Frigates, will often damage you even when there is no visual effect from a bot shooting at you and your ship.

This is especially noted on smaller ships, like Gunships, and especially Interceptors.

Sometimes it can even happen that there is no sound because there is no impact on your ship, but you still take damage.


What should have happened?

Laser weapon should only start doing damage when in direct contact with your ship, but not even before it locks on you, or before the laser lands on your ship.

There must be some issue that’s very similar to the one we had in Special Operation when sometimes green emitters did invisible damage to a single target even when they visually aimed somewhere else.

This issue was fixed, though.


How to reproduce this issue?

  • Play Co-op.

  • Select some fast ship (camera distance should be set to maximum) - Interceptor, best with healing active modules and Emergency Barrier.

  • Play against bots with laser weapons. (occurrence is common)

  • Notice the laser when sometimes you will see this issue. (T-Rex, T-Rex Mark II bots, etc. with Laser weapons)




If any players spotted this issue, please, report it here, and explain it some more, preferably with included logs.

Logs and screenshots/video needed

13 hours ago, Skula1975 said:

Logs and screenshots/video needed

Will add them a bit later once the issue is clearly spotted.

It happens extremely often.  Nothing like heading to destroy a frigate to watch its lasers fire 90 degrees from you an the interceptor you are flying explodes.  No Screen shot or video should be needed as often as it occurs vs AI matches.