Co-op impossible

I have tried several times today to complete Co-op and it has proven to be impossible.  The match making is terrible.  We had level 6 ships on our side and most of the opponents were level 12 including several destroyers!  How is that supposed to be balanced ?

The problem with coop is that players think like “oh great, bots, hella easier than pvp” and then killing happens. You see, where they lack the intelligence, they got firepower for it so the whole coop team has to be the intelligent one and since most coop fans aren’t really pvp skilled, they don’t know that winning coop means standing as one, trying to survive in any way possible while dealing damage and gradually winning the game.

Unless you are a destroyer.

26 minutes ago, xXThunderFlameXx said:

Unless you are a destroyer.


Co-Op isn’t impossible and it isn’t really hard either. The npc are no where near the level of players. What they can do and makes them tough is perfect aim and lots of damage.

Therefore for that mode, frigates and destroyers are better. With an interceptor, you really have to watch what your doing in co-op.

Just slowly advance with your team and get the objective.

Co-op is the easiest gamemode ever, even easier than PVE missions. The bots have very predictable behaviour for example the gunships will overdrive at the first target they meet, and the ECMs just spam all their modules at once, and metastable as soon as their shield goes down. Also once they start shooting at a target, they rarely switch. So what I usually do is hide behind a rock or static barrier until a destroyer gets all the aggro (which if he is a good pilot he will do) and then come out and shoot.

You can also easily win by going for objectives, just like in PVP. For example, in combat recon their captain is usually very easy to kill and win the game, and in detonation once you have the bomb, they don’t necessarily chase after you. So if you go off radar they won’t put two and two together like a player would, they just choose a new target.

Now of course a rank 6 ship will have trouble tanking against rank 12s, even with the bonus, but that is where you have to play intelligently. Skirmish tactics such as strafing in and out of cover and running away when you get primaried are essential. And the best thing is that these tactics, once you have learnt them, will also help you in PVP!!

Hope these tips help!

if you play lower ranked ships in a higher ranked game, it is worth to note that you should rather go for buffer and closing resistance holes, instead of just plain resistances in your fitting, with the current rank defense bonuses, which are also resistances.

this way the bonus you get actually makes a lot more sense, and your r6 performs a lot better in terms of tank.

similarly you could also prefer alpha (high per volley) damage weapons over dps (faster rof), as higher ranked ships usually have more room to increase attack speed or crit.

Doesn’t help tho with the teammates. Also this is more useful for hard, as r6 doesn’t really offer you a lot of options. It might still help to remember this.

The moment you realize that your Coop team is xxxx:

Took my antares, killed for 5 minutes all the bots and died against 3 respawn ones. Not even 20s later my complete team was dead(5+ ships).
We won of course.