Cmdr. Osqar review

Hi there.

I barely got the beta access, but I will do as much as I can to make this game suceed :wink:

After few training flights and some battles I have few first observations, suggestions, and propositions.

At the beggining I would really sorry for many, many, references to FreeSpace 2. I lost 3 years of my life on that best space-action game, and I strongly believe that this is stll, despite the age best game of that type on the market.

Finally some production that could release this old scrap :wink: Ok. So here are my thoughts:

  1. I miss a lot throttle settings. I think in such fast paced game, where so many things is happening simultanously, holding W to move forward is kinda… Useless :wink: What about changing it to 3 options: 1/3 power, 2/3 power, full throttle? (respectively buttons [] \ ) Adding full stop (backspace) and afterburner front and reverse (as it is now LShift and S) gives You complete control on your engines.

  2. Targeting systems. There is happening too much to have only one button responsible for locking targets. I’m really sorry for this another FS2 reference, but there was a perfect tracking system. More or less:

H - nearest hostile (each other click jumps to another in order of distance)

F - nearest friendly (each other click jumps to another in order of distance)

Y - lock the target in front of You (each other click selects another target which is somewhere in your tracker zone)

R - lock the target which is attacking You (each other click jumps to another in order of distance)

E - lock the target on the “escort list” (in our first given mission, base beacons should be on that list to keep them monitored)

T - lock the target attacking your current lock

Even if it looks complicated for a first sight, it’s becoming quicly intuitive, and which is more important, complete.

Imagine the situation, that some heavy fighter is attacking Your beacon. Instead of looking for him on the whole battlefield, You press the E button to lock the Beacon 1. Then You press T to get a lock on the attacking guy. You go for him, kill him or force him to stop the attack. Then You press R to see which guy is hunting You right now, and go back to dogfight.

With this settings, You can easily find whoever You want in just few clicks, without looking for him on the battlefield.

A nice add-on to this, would be a possibilty to modify Your escort list before the launch. In team play, some people could play a role fo defenders, and for example they have escort list only with 3 beacons they must to protect, while the others, who play ‘wingman’ sets their best clan pilots on their escort list, and their job is only targeting, and clearing those who want to disturb their leaders.

  1. Too many markers on the screen. Even now, when it’s only dozens of fighters on the map, it’s oftenly shitfull of squares, triangles and so on. You can’t see many things as clear as You would like too. In my opinion there should be an option to select number of markers on Your hud.

For example

  • Max. number of opponents marked On/Off

  • Constant markers for “Escort List” On/Off

At the end, I would like to show the screen of FreeSpace 2 HUD, to explain in a picture what I had on mind.

Also, You can think about some good solutions that they had. Interesting is that even people who didn’t like spacesim, played FreeSpace 2 so much. This is why I think You should get the example from the best, to became the best Yourself.

  1. Yellow arrow.

“Escort list” which contains most important targets in current mission. Could be friendly, could be hostile, anything. Would be really nice if it would be editable. Gives You constant look at current status of Your mission.

  1. Green arrow

Minimap used in FS2. I think it is much more user friendly then the one we have in Star Conflict. It’s very easy to understand.

Center circle is everything in front of You. Avery quarter outside refers to the point You dont see. (left, right, above and beyond your sight of view). Much easier too navigate :wink:

I have an idea :slight_smile: Dear developers, buy or find any of You who have FreeSpace 2 copy. Play the tutorials, and see how easy can be the HUD and navigation, even in so chaotic game :slight_smile: It would really help :slight_smile:

Okey, that was the first thing I miss in Star Conflict. As soon as I solve my problem with ‘freezing’ mouse during accelerating, I will try to look deeper :slight_smile:




Thanks for your nice feedback;)

1/2) The controls are still worked so perhaps we will see some improvements in the future.

3)I like the idea for the hud, but perhaps it would be better to limit the range for the Hud. For example you can choose to only display markers for enemies in range of 3000km. But again here will still be some improvements in the future.

For me I never played FreeSpcae but I heared a lot of positive things about it.

i kinda like the throttle idea, or at least an option to toggle back and forth. this game isnt all flight and sometimes it has a world of tanks feel to it where you have to peek out to shoot and then take cover again so the current throttle does come into play.

as far as targeting goes- a key to target nearest would seem helpful especially during the close quarters dog fighting, the rest of the time the current targeting button works fine. just that when someone starts circling you and you start moving too- that person is sometimes not easy to catch with a mouse to select target. particularly true in frigates when you are sniping and come out of snipe mode because someone is attacking you but everytime you turn your view the little bugger is already on the other side.