Close encounter



Greetings, pilots! We present to your attention the new brawl “Close encounter”

— Good afternoon, Miss Selena! — Almost shouted out a representative of the UMC Scientific Department who entered the office. — I’m here to explain the essence of our new experiment.


Come in, Dr. Guilford. — Selena pointed her hand at the chair in front of the table. — I’m listening.


— Very good! — The scientist adjusted the glasses and laid out the papers on the table. — First, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the experiment is completely safe. Our main task is to find out how pilots will act in non-standard situations. In particular, when the systems of their ship are seriously changed, and the standard ship control is simply impossible… The analysts will find out how quickly the mercenaries adapt to new conditions. The experiment will take place in the form of a training fight on our newest range. We have already received the necessary stock of equipment and bombs. Your task is to find volunteers. The management believes that material rewards will provide an additional incentive to participate in the experiment.

— Is there anything the mercenaries should know?

— Yes, of course. — The scientist handed over one of the documents. — They will be provided with special ships for the experiment. They were converted to the new control mode. We have also installed special shield projectors. Jericho uses similar ones on their training ships. The mercenaries will have to pay attention to the fact that the hull of the ship will be quite… unreliable…


After a minute of silence, the scientist spoke again.

— It’s absolutely safe! We’re just going to take the psych evaluations of the pilots. The mercenaries can safely consider this an entertainment for which they will receive money. I’m sure a lot of people will agree to help us.

— I’ll give the orders immediately. You will have volunteers soon.

— Thank you for your understanding.— Dr. Guilford smiled and got up from his chair. — Perhaps in the future our research will help in creating updated training programs for mercenaries. Everyone needs to contribute to this!


Two teams can participate in the battle. The objective of the first team is to destroy 3 enemy navigation stations, the objective of the second team is to defend them during the game time. The stations can only be destroyed with a special bomb that appears near the spot where the first team appears. Only 1 bomb can simultaneously exist on the map. The ship carrying a bomb can’t go at full speed. The number of flights is not limited — risk everything for the sake of victory!


A total of 3 ships with unique features are available for your choice in the brawl.
“Medium” Castor, large and durable Grizzly Mk.2 and the fast-paced Lance Bartle.

Ships and their behavior are very different from the one that you used to. All ships have a minimum speed, and they do not stand still, i.e. they are always moving. Only forward, you can’t move to the sides or backwards! Acceleration works by the usual method of afterburner, but requires energy and a decent amount of recharge, while modules do not require energy at all. Ships are quite fragile — show your piloting skills to dodge obstacles bypassing the enemy gunfire. The main means of your survival are the shields. They will recover quickly when the ship doesn’t take any damage for 5 seconds. The ship weapons can only shoot forward.

Of course, each ship has its own features. Castor has good maneuverability and can enable the high-speed firing mode to destroy the enemy. Grizzly Mk.2 is less maneuverable, but more durable. His main ability is to activate an additional strong shield. Lance Bartle is the fastest and has the least maneuverability of all. Its main feature is to reduce the minimum speed and increase the maneuverability for a better correction of its course. Each ship has its own weapons and repair kit. Only your piloting skills will help lead the team to victory!

Another important feature of the mode is the absence of a command radar. Everything that you see is only visible to you. Battles take place at very close distances, so look around in order to not get a missile from the side.

The mode has a new unique camera behavior, which creates an additional sense of dynamic while controlling the ship. It would seem you are flying incredibly fast, and you will feel like a real fighter pilot.

The bomb installation can be done with the help of the same mechanics as in the “Detonation” mode. However, the beacons have a unique protection mechanic — a destructible shield. Try to get behind the shield — you will be destroyed in a moment! When the shield is restored, the beacon will try to “push” you out to a safe distance. The fastest ones, of course, can stay if they want to see their ship explode.


We wish you good luck in space and interesting games in the new “close encounter” mode.