Class differences?

Ok, so it’s been common knowledge for a while now that each faction has a primary role for each class of ships, and a secondary role for each.



Primary Roles:

  • Interceptor
    • Recon (Empire)
    • Cov-Ops (Fed)
    • ECM (Jericho)
  • Fighter
    • Tackler (Fed)
    • Gunship (Empire)
    • Command (Jericho)
  • Frigate
    • Guard (Jericho)
    • LRF (Empire)*
    • Engineer (Fed)




HOWEVER, the only distinction (and quite a major one) is between Jericho and Empire LRF.

Why don’t we see special unique differences between the secondary classes in other factions? Each factions secondary class should emphasize their special talents and technology. Like Empire drones should be more combat oriented and maybe heal hull instead of shield etc. Maybe fed guards emphasize getting enemies away instead of suppressing them. Idk there’s just a whole lot of room for fun stuff.



I suggest the following changes to the secondary roles within their respective factions:


Secondary Roles: (In progress)

  • Interceptor
    • Recon (Fed): Instead of just a standard warp, the special module should teleport the user a certain distance (8-10km) and leave the user with a manuverability boost at the landing point. Empire needs a buff, possibly increasing hull resistance on activation.
    • Cov-Ops (Jericho): Fires a spread of projectiles that deal very minor DoT but siphon shield.
    • ECM (Empire): Pulses and immediately stuns nearby enemies, and does not make the user invulnerable, but instead makes the user deal 25% more damage and gain a maneuverability boost for a short time.
  • Fighter
    • Tackler (Jericho): Does not make the ship completely invisible, but masks them on radars and gives their shield an insane amount of resistance and some boosted regen.
    • Gunship (Fed): Further increases speed and maneuverability, while increasing weapon range and projectile speed instead of fire rate and damage.
    • Command (Empire): Makes the hull invulnerable for a short time and increases damage once the hull effect stops. Damage boost after the effect stops is multiplied by the damage received during that time. Nearby ships also get extra hull resistance for the duration of the damage effect multiplied by the same factor.
  • Frigate
    • Guard (Fed): Increases ship speed and maneuverability while making the ship immune to the selected type of explosion/AoE damage. After taking explosion damage of the selected type, all resistances are boosted for a short time but the ship slows down slightly.
    • LRF (Jericho): Already done.
    • Engineer (Empire): Drones deal more damage and can have a max of 4 deployed. They never stop firing on enemies in range. Activation drops a drone in place to act autonomously, shooting at nearby enemies and restoring the hull of nearby allies.





I was actually just wondering why the LRF special module differed between Empire and Jericho while other class’ sepcial modules were the same. Maybe some of the active and role modules provide some distinction between factions, but why not the special module?


I don’t want to discourage the idea, I would actually like the added variety, but I wonder if it’s not “too late in the game” for this kind of change? Maybe some special modules could be borrowed from those now to unique to certain manufacturable ships and added to the class for an entire faction? How would it be rolled out? Would all existing ships that players have aquired and tuned have their special modules and perhaps other characteristics changed over night? Would the owner of an affected ship have any options?


I’m not a long-time player that owns every ship so I ask, do statistics and player opinion already show that one faction’s line of a given class is more dominant, perhaps due to complementary characteristics inherited from the faction? Then the other factions ships are actually underused and this refit would really be beneficial to balance and promote variety in-game.


Any suggestions for destroyers? Do you think they should be restricted to their faction’s special module, or maybe they get to choose because they are “manufactured”, i.e. custom built.


Recon (Federation): perhaps the fed characteristic of speed should mean the fed special module has less of an activation delay too?