Clans in Star Conflict play a very important part in the game, from the community to capturing sectors.

That being said, I thought I should also approach this topic and give my idea on how it should be done.


A clan is a group of players assigned hierarchicaly to overcome tougher challenges in the game.

In Star Conflict, clans allow:

-Inviting members

-Changing member’s rank

-Creating and editing ranks

-Changing rank’s permissions withing the clan

-Customizable clan logos

-Creating the Clan’s announcement that displays whenever you log in

-Leveling up the clan

-Building the clan capital ship

-Capturing sectors

-Storing items and money in the clan’s warehouse

-Expanding the clan’s warehouse

-Disbanding clan

-Expelling members

-Coordinating sector attacks in the clan’s own galaxy map

-Fighting alongside members to earn more experience. (Reputation and money stay the same because in real life, doing things with people you like only makes you more experienced because you are more focused, but the reputation of the different factions and the money gain remain the same, even though you will actuall perform better and get more of those two things as well. But the bonus is just for experience.)

-Fighting in Clan battles

-Ranking up

-Diplomatic relations between clans (Alliances will be my next topic)


In a future update, if Open World is included in the game, clans would allow:

-Having Space Stations

-Leveling up the Space Stations

-Expanding the size of the Space Station with different modules, hangar bay to increase member limit for example.

-Defending the Space Station

-Attacking Space Stations of other rival clans

-Capturing a sector and make it the home base with the Space Station localized there.

-Researching ships so only the clans with those researches can have those ships.


Clans are expected to be implemented during Open Beta

Clans are already planned for Star Conflict, so we will see which features will be added when Clans get released.

I know they are, hence this topic :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know what I will talk about next…

I am aware they are planned :slight_smile: i just added a few features I’d like to see in the game.

Building capital ships and capturing whole sectors would have wide reaching implications. As I don’t know what star conflict will involve beyond just battles, I’m not sure having those ideas is good or not. The rest (ranks, logos etc) is just fluff, so great if it can be done, but low priority vs getting a game where the mechanics work well and there are as few bugs as possible

Some great ideas there. Similar to the BP system.

As for the open-world and those ideas - it sounds awesome, like I’ve experienced in Freelancer, but it’s never going to happen since it’s obvious this game will never have open world. It would mean creating a completely different game almost from scratch.

This is why I’m suggesting this so early on :slight_smile:

Sounds like EVE…

in my opinion, ranked battles between clans can be a good idea. For example, special matchmaking only for clans or so.

Only thing related to EVE is the good things on EVE. I have no interest on lame features of other games :wink: