Clan team in battles

This is just absurd. 56:1 score says it all. Clan should play against another clan and this is just how they exploit the game. The only way to avoid this is to exit battle immediately.

I have yet to experience that. Explain?

Joining a clan make you play better ? 

Why dont you join a clan ?


Perhaps you notice better that a clan kill you easily. And you never notice that 2-3 players without a tag killed you in the same manner.


When I have to fight against [zer]Shou, I dont think “how xxxx, a guy with a team !” I think that Shou is a good player, and I’ll have to do my best.

When I meet [random]Ace … I just kill them. They are four ? Who cares ? They are bad anyway … and I accept 4 more points :smiley:


I learnt something else : When I fear my enemy, I dont play as good as when I am believe in my skill.

So, stop fear ! go training ! Become a better player and rape them ! :smiley: