Chronicle - Part 1

The following is an extract from the recording from classified files stolen from an unidentified man. No claims have come forward as to who the people in the recording are; however, guesses have been made that this was recorded in a boardroom of roughly 5 people - a man we know as the Head, an Admiral, a male and female senator and a doctor.


Begin recording.

HEAD: Gentlemen, ladies… I’d like to thank you for meeting me at this important time - it comes to my understanding that each of you have prior engagements that you must attend to, but I assure you that this is crucial.

Short pause.

HEAD:  As of this moment, nothing spoken of in this room is to be spoken outside. I have installed the classified files to only register to this room alone, so that there cannot be any possible intrusions. At 1437 hours Earth time, we confirmed that a crucial endeavour in his holiness’s fleet was destroyed. My files state it was assumed that the selfdestruct sequence was initiated shortly after the ship was evacuated. I cannot name any further details as of present, but I have an understanding that you people will have an understanding of the matter.

MALE SENATOR:  I’m aware of your situation, sir. I have already sent a salvage team to the sector to investigate, but I haven’t heard from any of them in the past few days.

HEAD:  Good. Then you have followed my orders as planned - well done, Senator. As for the rest of you, I need to know that you are with me in this operation before I disclose any further information. Admiral, are you with me on this?

ADMIRAL:  Two of my associates have already been informed with minimal information. They have collected limited intelligence regarding the matter, but we’ve kept these materials in a secure –

HEAD:  – Very well, Admiral. Let me see what you’ve found.

Short pause, followed by typing and then a beep.

ADMIRAL:  We’ve discovered what appears to be ruins of a Nemesis class, somewhere only a few lightyears outside of the Velorum system. We believe they had an artifact – a weapon of some description. An energy trail is already being traced to Velorum 1A, where we’ve found a small installation showing the following insignia.

Typing, followed by a beep. No mentions of what is on the screen are stated.

HEAD:  Perfect. Then we may have a lead on who is behind the selfdestruct and possibly the evacuation. I would like it if you could undertake this operation yourself and find out who the person on that base is, how they got there and what happened to the weapon. If you come across him, go with your best guess that he knows everything, interrogate him and give me whatever findings you pick up. This is your mission, Admiral.

ADMIRAL:  Yes, sir. This’ll be on our top priorities.

HEAD:  Good. Senator, do you have anything to present from your recent visit to Ellydium base?

Silence. Then typing, followed by a beep. Further typing can be heard under the following speaking.

FEMALE SENATOR:  This. We’ve never seen anything like it before. We’ve cross referenced this with biomorphic structural materials and Crystallid growth specimens and nothing. Not even ‘Ellydium’ corporation is aware of this, as far as we know. Ironic, considering it’s in their sector.

MALE SENATOR:  I have contacts within the organisation who can possibly identify what this is. I’ve seen this before.

Typing stops.

FEMALE SENATOR:  And what do you think?

MALE SENATOR:  I think, you have no idea what you are dealing with, where all due respect is given, Senator.

HEAD:  You two will work together on this operation. If you can find out what that thing is, we may be able to link it to our friend on Velorum 1A.

MALE SENATOR:  With pleasure, sir.

Short pause.

DOCTOR:  What can you tell us about the specimen, sir?

HEAD:  Oh, I assure you that this is not a specimen, Doctor. This is a fully functional weapon.

DOCTOR:  So it’s already killed people?

HEAD:  I may be afraid so. This means that we don’t have much time to find him; but I cannot have you out there on the front line with your work while we have a serious operation in progress. I’m sure you will miss your toys, but as we agreed, you work for me now. You will have plenty of studying time when we have retrieved these artifacts.

DOCTOR:  Certainly. I’m sorry I spoke out of turn, I was –

HEAD:  – Oh, that’s understandable. You miss your friends in Velorum, I have every sympathy. But now is not the time to mourn their deaths by meaninglessly trying to gather all the paperwork you can to play detective. That’s why I’ve called this meeting, Doctor. But you can help me here by staying quiet about the situation and finding out what you can about the ship’s selfdestruct sequence from here. You will be very useful to us if you can find out more.

Sigh. Then a short pause before the Head speaks again.

HEAD:  Any further questions?

Silence. The Admiral speaks.

ADMIRAL:  How do we know when we find who we’re looking for?

HEAD:  You will know. Check all of the entry and exit logs in that installation to find out who your lead could be. Ask the personnel aboard that installation and do not leave a single question unanswered.

ADMIRAL:  Yes, sir.


HEAD:  That will be all. You have your orders – dismissed.

Chairs moving. Footsteps can be heard as the room is cleared. The Doctor and the Head stay behind.

DOCTOR:  What’s that insignia, sir?

HEAD:  That is not insignia, Doctor. What you saw on his jacket were the laurels from the Gold Star Medallion. But the star is missing.

DOCTOR:  Medallion? Nobody’s earned the Gold Star in their lifetime, sir.

HEAD:  Only one.


HEAD:  It appears that L’Auro may have something to hide.

End recording.

WUT DIS?! seems… fascinating :o

I loved it! Write more…

Haven’t had time. I’ll release a chapter soon though after I’ve refined it ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)