Choose Dreadnought to build

Transportation of Dreadnoughts for long distances is not available due to the high chances of being trapped. The only solution is to allow Border Sectors to build Dreadnoughts. Engineers are learning how to assemble them, however they are going to need resources. Building includes 4 phases, where each part of a Dreadnought should be built first and then assembled. Therefore each phase takes 1 week. The most important task is to assemble a Dock assemblance, then each Sector should build their Dreadnoughts accordingly to the CEO draft.

WARNING: Iridium is required at all the stages of Dreadnought construction. Treat it with care and be wise! Remember to top up the corporative bank!




When a CEO decides which model to assemble, he announces the construction of the dock. The Dreadnought model determines a station where the shipyard would appear. Remember, that you have to have 10 players who are Rank 9 or above, in order to take a part. There is a chest icon in the right top corner, which is available for everyone starting with officers.


Dreadnought construction would require two main resources:



You can use iridium from the corporate bank. Any corporation member starting with officers has the right to manage corporate iridium

Any corporation member can use personal iridium at will.

First construction stage costs 5000 iridium



In general, dock construction takes from several days to a week.

Construction of the dock can be boosted. You can deposit a maximum of 20 times of the original value and reduce construction time to 25% of the original time. Each new Iridium unit invested in boosting construction provides a lower growth rate than the previous one.


Stage 1 — Dock construction

Construction time — one week.

Dock is the future base for construction, repair and maintenance of the dreadnought. This is going to be the place for the main weapon of defense of Attacked Sectors, this is where combat groups are going to launch from and return to for refuelling.

Dock contains everything needed to build and maintain a combat dreadnought. You need to deploy mobile dock in the safest position in the Sector, established by command.


Happy building! We’ll tell you more about the second stage in a week.