The Nekopara corporation, pay to win, use cheats, not to mention the 300 or 400% winrate which is absurd in any physical or electronic sport, where the best do not exceed 60 or 70%, I have seen how they use an aiming assistant when I see from your camera, how your cursor automatically adjusts in less than thousandths of a second even in turns of 180 degrees or more, what’s the point of playing competitively if the game is full of cheaters, perhaps the reporting system doesn’t work? Also there are some who can see covert ships on the map or radar more than 15k meters, ban them, and preferably machine ban

same … : it seems that you have to register the battle, report the players and provide the combat logs saved on your pc. (documents /my games /Star Conflict / logs (choose the date) combat logs.
And it seems that the devs will check all this…

STAR CONFLICT — MMO SPACE ACTION - GAIJIN PRIVACY POLICY here say star conflict use “easy anti-cheat” but actually is offline, he dont pay for service so the people is cheating free, on my pc when i stard teh game no one anti cheat system is runing.

В данном сообщении лишь буквы без каких либо доказательств. Игрок который видимо играет не так давно либо попросту не понимает что игроки в этой корпе могут иметь навык игры, реакцию получше чем у дрона, иметь железо которое позволяет играть без каких либо лагов в игре. Игрок попросту высказал свои эмоции. Данное высказывание не более чем плач того у кого не получается пока понять игру.

easy anti cheat system is off nothing more to say