Cheaters Nekopara and P2W Corps

The Nekopara corporation, pay to win, use cheats, not to mention the 300 or 400% winrate which is absurd in any physical or electronic sport, where the best do not exceed 60 or 70%, I have seen how they use an aiming assistant when I see from your camera, how your cursor automatically adjusts in less than thousandths of a second even in turns of 180 degrees or more, what’s the point of playing competitively if the game is full of cheaters, perhaps the reporting system doesn’t work? Also there are some who can see covert ships on the map or radar more than 15k meters, ban them, and preferably machine ban.

report player Determination

well, it seems that you have to register the battle, report the players and provide the combat logs saved on your pc. (documents /my games /Star Conflict / logs (choose the date) combat logs.
And it seems that the devs will check all this…

In combat log if you look at the players name most of them are dull. Those are bots. You can try to private chat them but it wont let you cuz they are bots. The bots are randomly super op or terrible. They have scan to aim and never miss. The bots self destruct when the game finds new players to add to battle. As a guy who has spent thousands so I dont have to spend hours and hours grinding I can assure pay to win dont work. Its nice to have the best gear but like a car you still need skills to drive it.

The people you see with high w/l that are human are usually part of hand full long term corps who are almost always in a squad with team speak. Then there are about 100 people who play this game 20 hours a day so they will be like aliens cuz that’s all they do. The guy in the top 100 for ship destroyed are the ones to worry about.

I have been playing for years and cheats are extremely rare. There are a few ships called abuse ship[s cuz they are broken. Find one and master it. This is a math game if you are good with numbers you will do a lot better in this game even if you lack skills.

If you right click and hit report it sends the log. You have to hit the exploit bugs choice to upload the combat log one.

They are not bots, they are 3 failed players who cannot play legally, determiantion, autoliya and jihumn or something like that, THEY PASS AS BOTS BY REMOVING THE FLAG OF THE NEKOPARA CORP, only if you give them info on the pilot you will see that they are from that corp, Besides chatting with them they didn’t even deny me that they used the cheat, there are also other cheaters in p2w, they are not all, one who plays sniper who can see hidden people and in XTEND Corp there is also another cheater called Pupnik. In short, there are two great cheats in this game, the one who can see everything on the map and radar, and the aim assistant, and every day you see them in conquest and portals, whoever wants to check the cheat, you just need to Go to those maps.

any game master can log in, put on a recon interceptor, covert ops or tackler and see how they chase you hidden all over the map, and if it is in range how it auto-targets you, if they exist, because apparently they have been cheating for years…

If they admit to cheating then you can screen shot it. Post it here. f12 is screen shot. I may not be a moderator, but I have more knowledge than most people including a few mods. I have been here since this game was in closed beta. I highly doubt they are cheating. I get accused of cheating a lot, but I usually respond with the modules I used. Its up to you to use that info. Most curse me out and block me before I can tell them how to do what I did.

There is a lot of special mods that do things that one may assume is a cheat until you learn how it works. I am pretty much done here. pretty sure I know how you will respond. rather than accuse them of cheating ask them how they did it? You might learn something.

Everytime I see a baby cry coz “cheaters” I laugh at him, there’re no cheaters here there’re only noobz and pros
pros being able to spot and shot a radar invisible taikin from 10km
and noobz who cry about it
btw 300-400% winrate? nice they win 4 battles every battle

you smoke weed bro? it is not possible, hit a cloaked ship at 10k m.
yes bro the most shameless cheater got 90%.

and why not? because you said so? I’ve done it many times

bro you will never achieve 40% stop calling people cheaters

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i need the feedback of LucyReset LOL he always say cheaters to all

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