CHEATER WALL: a place to get exposed without honor

Here Guys you can post a pic of each cheater finded in the game:


the way he was cheating: being a noob

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win rate 99% xD no cheat ? all good players on leage got 1-2 wins/loses not 10 omg

not 99% but 91,3% and not tharga but healer or noob and not cheater but was carried by someone else
it’s not that hard to have even 30 w/l if you will be carried from 0 battles pub pvp is full of noobs idiots and bots

so you are friend of this cheater? so you are in XTEND CORP?

even better I’m the dev that typed his stats in excel for fun but then aliens kidnapped me and gave me money so I wouldn’t revoke it and that’s why he still have w/l over 10

Yup. That’s my Girlfriend. She only plays conquest with us, which is when we are at our best with our whole team lined up, and we’ve been playing this game since it came out.

It is basically a guaranteed win especialy when the enemy team is full of people like yuaieo who take some jericho command and get 0 effectiveness points with it SOMEHOW lol.
oh wait… you ARE yuaieo… did i step over a line? my bad…

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I’m going to print and frame this forum post.

so more ppl know that you using cheat intersting…

pupnik :“lets cheat at 04:00 utc, no one go to catch me, the Game master are Sleeping”

he’s a cheater he can spot and kill a radar invisible taikin from 10km and kills random people in open space for no reason all the time (btw average kills >6.0 w/l 2.80)

but you know you’re a laughing stock now? you better learn how to play instead of calling every better player a cheater

This has just turned into a list of people that @130089150 admits are better than him, im excited for when my profile is put up.

If he doesnt think I am worthy, I am willing to 1v1 him to get on this list lol