Chat System Suggestions

  1. Of course, the character limitation of less than one normal line of text must be fixed.

  2. Chat needs to have re-sizable text. It is very hard to read at 1920x1080.

  3. Chat needs to have a background option, making it easier to read.

  4. Chat needs to function while any other window is open.

  5. During combat, there should be a “Team” chat option and an “All” option.

Thanks for the feedback, I think chat will be reworked when the basics are done.

this topic was a big issue for me too. i just hope it works out well in the end. biggest hope is that it has more of a W.o.W feel to the chat box than other games. in particular make general/squad/enemy as different colors not as seperate tabs, in the seperate tab system once you go to a tab you miss all that is said on the others. or go the next step and have fully customizably tabs with the main tab having everything.