Chat filter

 Is it possible to get a full list of all the words the chat filter is set to block out…getting an hour chat block when you didn’t say anything mean or insulting is bollocks. So I would love to have a full and complete list of all the words the filter is set to be triggered by.

I think it’s more a question of what words it doesn’t block… It used to block the word “sniper” before we complained enough.

I just type fck and s-hit or some other variation when I need to. I’m not a big fan of censorship or being treated like a child. If someone gets offended by what I type then they can very easily block me.

It blocked the words happened, difficult and cultist for a while. It also blocked some everyday casual Russian words too

Still doesn’t change my request for the full list of all words it currently blocks…getting sick of mutes and warnings when I’m not saying anything wrong and it isn’t telling me what I’ve said that it’s blocking.