Chat Commands

General commands

/Quit - Quit the game
/Clear - Clear Chat
/Who - Show a list of users in the channel
/Report <player nickname> [reason] - Report a player

Swearword filter

/Filter on - Turns the swearword filter on
/Filter off - Turns the swearword filter off

Community commands

/Social - Shows all commands for social
/Social list - Displays a list of all social relations

/Friends - Shows all commands for friends
/Friends Request <player nickname> - Send friend request
/Friends <player nickname> accept - Accept friend request (will work only on the request)
/Friends Reject <player nickname> - Cancel friend request
/Remove Friends <player nickname> - Remove a friend from your friends list

/Watch - Shows all commands for watch
/Watch Add <player nickname> - Add a player to watchlist
/Watch <player nickname> Remove - Remove a player from Watchlist

/Ignore - Shows all commands for ignore
/Ignore <player nickname> Add - Add a player to the ignore list
/Ignore <player nickname> Remove - Remove a player from Ignore List