Chat ban. Delete my first post? No.

So long as my worthless account is unbanned I will not be silenced. You xxxx dare to think you can chat ban me after I complain about having to carry garbage and then you remove my ability to type because I object? No, xxxx you. How dare you delete what I have to say, How xxxx dare you edit my opinion of your game after I’ve dumped so much time into carrying the trash you force into my tier.


I xxxx demand to know which little xxxxx moderator has the balls to edit my post. I xxxx lost over 800 GS that I’d been saving up since I’d noticed your stupid “free gold ammo” xxxx. I dared to get drunk and not pay attention to my GS being slowly deleted by your bullshit. By the time I’d noticed I had ~200 xxxx GS left. But you don’t give a xxxx, do you? I’m not one of your precious Russian players.


No, I’m one of your disposable US players. I’m one of those worthless xxxx that spends 75% of his time playing xxxx 150+ ping servers. I can barely even play anything capable of ~100 degrees per second rotation because your stupid netcode can’t seem to handle simple turning.


You expect me to carry your trash, a team full of r4 players in a r9 game. You expect me to carry this trash with a smile on my face. But no, xxxx you. I’m tired of carrying your burden because you’re too stupid to figure out matchmaking. You’re too stupid to figure out why matching a r4 with a xxxx r9 is a poor choice for both players.


Originally I didn’t care about a response. Then you deleted my post without even attempting to justify yourselves. You xxxx dared to delete my post. I’ll copy this post, and continue to create as many accounts as is required to get an answer.


You will xxxx answer me. I’ve wasted my time carrying the utter xxxx you force onto my team. You will answer for all my wasted time. You will answer for all the pointless games I’ve been forced into thanks to your garbage matchmaking. I’ll spam this xxxx post until one of you xxxx answers it.


In case you’ve forgotten, the tl;dr of this post is simple. How xxxx dare you chat ban me for being tired of carrying your garbage. How dare you force me to carry your r4-5 trash in my r9 games while also forcing me to play in a 150+ ping server. How xxxx dare you chastise me when I’m expected to carry r4s through t3 PvE. How xxxx dare you chat ban me when I normally pull your xxxx through PvE with at least 2k synergy.


I’d rather be banned than accept this xxxx utter trash. You will not que me into useless xxxx and then expect me to xxxx smile.

git gud

Are you drunk

Are you drunk

He is just mad because he didn’t disable the automatic ammo-replenish option. So he lost 600 GS…

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