Charging Stations?

Ever since that dev blog released the updated storyline for SC, they mentioned automated Jericho sites that were able to refuel ships.

The way we have it now in OS, by picking up fuel from destroyer cargo ships is kind of corny. Now I’d keep that way of getting fuel for more hostile sectors, but for close ones, especially right next to bases like new eden, it would be nice to see an automated charging station that charges up your ship for you. Seems more realistic.

Also, the cargo ships where we get fuel from are always there, dead, but respawn fuel. I hope this gets re done to something a bit better.


I believe it will!

Agree ![:p](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/004.png “:p”)

Agreed. The whole thing about the cargo ship always being dead is about the same as aliens/pirates always spawning in the same place. There needs to be more dynamics in this game to keep it interesting.

I do agree that in hostile sectors there should not be a nice friendly charging station though as it would not make sense either.

Also pirates dropping fuel is lame… “YAY, I got fuel as a reward for killing the pirate that was terrorizing the sector. Can’t wait to do that again!”