changing mail address not possible?

Hello there o/

After a bit of a break I descided to come back and throw a bit of money at the devs. Before that, I wanted to update my mail address, so that the verification mails actually reach me. The address that I used for registering long ago has been compromised and had to be locked and shut down (no option of getting it back), so I set up a new, more secure mail account.

Problem is: I can’t find a way to actually change my e-mail address on the gaijin account. I was able to get a verification mail to my new address, but clicking the verification link didn’t change the address in my profile. Also, their FAQ says


We  do not provide e-mail change service  


So I’m kind of locked and not sure what to do in this case. I can’t buy stuff, because my account data is not valid, but I can’t update my account data.

Does anyone have an idea what to do, or can point me to a direction where to go or whom to ask?

Call to support, please