Changes to ship crafting resources


Pilots! In this difficult and dangerous time, the UMC engineers continue to work on optimizing the ship manufacturing processes. Today they have prepared particularly important changes.


Very soon, approximately from November 8, such resources as Neodium, Beryllium and Electrum will be removed from the crafting process. Other existing resources will be used for crafting instead. The unspent resources will remain in your storage and can be sold for credits. We have no plans to introduce new resource types.


The changes will affect the following components:

  • Reinforced destroyer structure
  • Stabilized destroyer structure
  • Empire destroyer computing systems
  • Empire destroyer CPU
  • Empire destroyer activator
  • Federation destroyer computing systems
  • Federation destroyer CPU
  • Federation destroyer activator
  • Jericho destroyer computing systems
  • Jericho destroyer CPU
  • Jericho destroyer activator
  • Neodium plate
  • Impure neodium
  • Enriched beryllium
  • Beryllium
  • Enriched electrum
  • Electrum
  • Destroyer exterior structures
  • Destroyer auxiliary structures

These resources will remain active and available for trade in the upcoming two weeks. After that, these resources will be taken out of the game, and components for ship assembly will be revised. 


In the nearest upcoming updates all the blueprints for new ships and other new technologies will not include new resources being introduced. All the production will be held with existing components.


Star Conflict Team