Changes to loyalty vouchers


Attention to all pilots! This is an urgent message from the UMC. 
The world’s former political order has fallen under ruthless alien attacks. The news coming from the metropolises is not comforting. Many hub worlds actually ceased to exist, and the familiar political and economic ties completely disintegrated.


In this difficult time, it’s more important than ever for all survivors to unite. The United Mercenary Centre board announces the most important change in payment for completed pilot contracts. From this point on, there is no longer any difference in ‘loyalty vouchers’ received for missions and battles. The are no more separate ‘vouchers’ for different factions. All ‘loyalty vouchers’ received by pilots are now unified. Now they are called ‘UMC loyalty vouchers’.

  • All the previously acquired ‘loyalty vouchers’ were added up on their personal accounts and were not lost.
  • The number of ‘vouchers’ for the tasks remains the same.
  • The maximum limit for “Loyalty Vouchers” is 3 million.