Changes in the player trading system



Greetings, pilots!


Lucas Horn, a famous Federation merchant, recently approached the UMC with a proposal to diversify and regulate the turnover of parts for elite ships. According to Horn’s assurances and analysis, a lot of parts are present in the trade in great oversupply, while the supply lines for some ships have not been established. UMC’s economic experts have studied the presented report in detail and are ready to conduct a number of experiments with the trading system. 


The first thing they will do is to temporarily close the supply of surplus goods in the trade. Thus, the temporary interruption of supplies will promote competition in the market and increase the earnings of the elite item suppliers. In addition, the “dusty” supplies will finally be in demand!


Thus, from November 18, the parts of the following ships will become unavailable for trade:


  • Mole
  • Salyut-ST
  • Relic
  • Zhen
  • Wolfhound


A new “breath of fresh air” for galactic trade will be provided by the supplies of rare parts controlled by Horn. He provided the UMC with a plan, according to which he would take over the security of transactions in return for a small percentage of the taxation.


In this regard, starting from November 18, in experimental mode, all pilots will be able to buy and sell unique parts for the following ships in the trade:


  • Project 1011

  • Granite

  • Singularity


The UMC, along with Lucas Horn, hope that this experiment will help the pilots not only to earn money, but to finally acquire the coveted ship as well. Save your galactic standards, shake the dust off the supplies and conquer the market! Remember that the ability to bargain can both save money and make fortunes! 



UMC and Lucas Horn.

I’m sorry, but there are no other words than “stupid” and “idiotic” to describe this change. Pulling  Relic  of all ships from trade after only 3 weeks is a horrible choice.



There is still a  massive  surplus of components in circulation and still demand for the ship while the Destroyer imbalance remains.

Furthermore, replacing Mole, Salyut and Relic with Project, Granite and Singularity of all ships is just going to create a vacuum in trade rather than a replacement.
Mole, Salyut and Relic have demand for one reason and one reason only - they are event bound.
You  cannot farm their components or craft them  outside of their respective launch events - which by the way, is a poor form of implementation for longevity.


If you really need to know why it’s a bad form of implementation then go have a gawk at the growing list of event  exclusive  ships here:






 Я не знаю, кто должен это услышать, но это изменение только навредит экономике - или, скорее, тому, что осталось от экономики, поскольку галактические стандарты стали ненужными за пределами торговли игроков. Количество премиум-кораблей и кораблей на основе деталей не менялось годами, позволяя старым игрокам накапливать огромные кучи валюты, которые некуда использовать.
Если сделать популярные корабли, такие как Relic и Mole, снова недоступными для новых игроков, это только подорвет интерес игроков, поскольку почти вся текущая “мета” основана на кораблях, которые появились в результате событий и больше не могут быть получены.
Услышать от старого игрока, что крутой корабль, который он использует, больше не может быть получен, никогда не будет приятно новому игроку.