Change Rank 12 Raid Contract

Rank 12 raid contract seems a hard contract to complete by some reasons:


  1. It requires a module little popular (at least from patch 1.14 and before)

  2. The module itself is a tanking booster to shields, meaning its the first thing you activate while engaging combat (after getting shot of course); in a 1vs1 first thing is taking shields down, then hulls, that takes time, usually more than 8 seconds (now you have to do it in 4 seconds!!!), wich means you first take a lot of damage, and then activate it when the enemy is about to die (probably you wont have any shields left at that moment). So basically you throw away one module to get the contract done. The best way i found to do this contract is by using a LRF and pressing it without any use at all right before killing or assisting.

  3. Time is way too short after patch 1.15 (4 seconds as i mentioned before, 3 if you have the pirate version). Its not like you get “fast and furious” medal very often…i got 175 from 3432 multikill medals.

  4. You have to be sure its not a jericho ship, making even harder to get this contract.

  5. You have to do it 10 frikking times :V

  6. It gives 10k vouchers, so its a pretty important contract one. I wouldnt mind that much if it gave less than 4k vouchers like the fed pulsar contract is (dealing last shot to 15 guys with pulsar is a challenge…or takes a big while).

  7. Its only available to PVP…well it would be too easy at PVE.


So, being such an important contract and available to T3 ships, i suggest either changing the requirements for that contract, or swap it for another easier contract to do. Therefore the multiphase shield adapter would be a much less important contract to complete.


I’d say chop down the requirement to 3 or 4 people, since halving the duration of multiphase more than doubles the difficulty to kill with it on.

I used to do it often with old empire sniper + multiphase right before killshot :smiley:

old times…


+1 for suggestion



Abdolutely agree! It’s too specific. I never get that one.