Change of trade taxes


Pilots! The UMC received important information that the aliens are preparing for a new large-scale invasion. We urgently need to strengthen our defences, as well as prevent illegal fraud on the market, and therefore we are announcing the introduction of a progressive tax scale in trade.


If your weekly sales amount is:

  • less than 500 GS, the sales tax is not deducted,
  • less than 2000 GS — the sales tax will be 10%,
  • less than 4000 GS — the sales tax will be 20%,
  • less than 10,000 GS — the sales tax will be 30%,
  • over 10,000 GS — the sales tax will be 50%.

The changes will come into effect on November 14. Please note that the system is a work in progress, and the numbers may be changed in the future.


Star Conflict team