Change Main Fraction

Hello, how can I change my Main Fraction??? I read that I have to buy a Forget ID but I cant find it in the Store and also not in the ingame Shop. Can U tell me how to change my Main Fraction???

You can not really change the faction as far as i know, just change the station. This via the Attacked Sectors per click on the preferred station or via contracts. You just have to pay insane 200k Credits for each switch.

Omega is fully right.


There is another way which costs only time, no money.

Fly from one sector to another. The best is Recon for this.


Weil ich weiss, dass du deutsch sprichst:

Du kannst deinen Hangar und Seite über das Wechseln der Verträge machen.

Oder einfach hinfliegen, am einfachsten mit einem Aufklärer

Also, in case there may be some confusion with the new changes. You will automatically gain loyalty for both subfactions. You don’t need to click either of those now.

Likely not what you are looking for, but just in case. Also, for anyone seaching the issue in the future…