change in PvE difficulty?

I started playing Star Conclict in March and played it quite casual (about 2 hours per week) until end of April. I played with a friend and I remember T1 PvE being somewhere between “easy” and “a little bit challenging”. Most interesting was that we received credits and some items by playing PvE.

Last Friday (21. June) I played Star Conflict again with two friends who are completely new to it. They used their starter fighters and I used a T1 interceptor to play PvE, but, whoa, we got beaten up pretty bad :-/ We tried it a couple of times but were always overwhelmed in the “2/3” part of the mission.

Has PvE been made significantly harder in the last months?

You will have had the T2 version of this mission. This seems to happen when any experienced pilot is in the squad, regardless of the tier ships they might have equipped. Despite the game only spawning Blackwood when any T1 ships are present in the squad, the actual T1 variant of this mission seems to spawn only when your squad is overall of really low or no rating.


Exceptions seem to happen ocassionally, but that is our experience - and we fly a fair few PvE missions.