Cerberus's Corporation

This is addressed to Cerberus’s Corporation!


You have broken the boxes! Dread’s fake atk are illegal!!!

Go to play with barbs if you have to play illegally!


This are some corporation that lunch fake atk:

Dead Space

Soul Side

Other Side


Apple Inc

RED Star


Nika junior






They fill their fields with false attacks for to raise the sector’s defenses and for to entice latecomers to attack elsewhere.

This is pretty annoying.

Cerberus suck and are one-dimensional.

Jedi suck and are one-dimensional.

Apple have 3 corporations and STILL suck.

Other Side have two corporations and still suck.

Dead Space suck too.


Unfortunately the best they can do is rely on this sort of strategy because they know that they can’t f… with us. Even worse, it sucks that these fake attacks are pushing randoms in that are actually causing damage…


And none of these guys can actually read you here. All of them are on the Russian forums.


You can find most of the corporations you mentioned at that link ^^

There seriously needs to be a system in place to penalize fake attackers.

There is. It costs them Iridium.


Just not enough…

just 205 iridium which big corp has a lots of iridium, that is no problem for them :-/

We got 50k just sitting there, even without asking our members to donate :confused:

I mean, we are not as active in dreadnoughts anymore since it got boring, but still, having nothing to spend it all on really sucks.

I think they should bring back the old influence system. This way, we can see a lot more going on and see to it that an unfollowed attack costs an extra penalty of something ridiculously expensive. It’ll make people think about their attacks…

Or, you know, make seccon happen in open space, make open space battles meaningful, dreads meaningful there and activity and wings actually meaningful and rewards meaningful. Like, you want speis? Come get speis! And while you fight for speis here your other speis across the map gets conquered cuz you’re not there protectin da spaze you earned.

At least open space seccon sounds tons more logical and fun to me rather than lobby style chess of once-a-day-you-get-a-move.