Century Link Nightmares

I just want to give my fellow internet junkies a warning. DO NOT sign up for internet with Century Link…



Apparently I signed up for a year-long promotional contract which carries a heavy $200 fine if I terminate my internet service before MARCH. I’m paying $30 per month right now (auto-pay promotional deal), and only have 4 months left, yet they are trying to hit me with the full $200 despite having never missed a payment.


That’s on top of the stupid runaround they gave me when I first signed up. I specifically told them that my router could only handle 7MB, yet they insisted on giving me a plan with 40MB. When I called and angrily told them to give me the 7MB that I had ordered to begin with, they knocked me down to 1.5MB and sent me a $70 RENTAL ROUTER that they then tried to charge me for. So I sent it back with the included return packaging.


Guess what? I got a bill next month that still listed the router as one of my charges. When I called, they said they never received the router! So I pulled up the UPS tracking number, and found it HAD arrived at their facility earlier that week. They grudgingly agreed to take the router off my NEXT bill. When I pressed them to see why they couldn’t reduce my current bill, they told me “That’s not how we do things,” and told me I would have to pay the exorbitant amount and they would make it up to me by taking it off of my subsequent bills.


Yeah right.


My next bill was a whopping $10 cheaper. Yippee.



So I warn you, unless you have no other choice, DO NOT get your internet service from Century Link.

Would you like me to get the twizzlers?

[iSP customer service story intensifies]

Yeah, in the US, every ISP is basically Satan. Have you heard those Comcast stories? It takes hours to terminate/refuse to renew a contract with them. Service reps have been reported to break down crying because they won’t get their paychecks if they lose too many customers. And then they’re also responsible for this whole “net neutrality” thing, which shouldn’t even be a bloody issue if you ask me…


Verizon has been spotty on service for me and generally refuses to repair old damaged lines that provide cheaper service. AT&T is… I’ve not actually heard anything about AT&T, but that’s neither good nor bad.


The average US broadband internet speed is about 12 Mb/s, 30th in the world. Yes, even though the US has the most internet servers and second most internet subscribers of any country. Compare that to who holds the first place for broadband internet - Lithuania. 33 Mb/s. That’s almost three times faster. From a country that has less than 1% of the US GDP. Entirely ridiculous.

Yeah they’re bad ones out there, luckily I have a really good one. (Maybe because it’s canadian) No stupids fees like that.

Funny, I’ve got 40/4 fiber optics (the optics run to our apartmen building, from then on its Gb ethernet ) for 10,99 a month in our wild eastern european corner of the world :slight_smile:

Funny, I’ve got 40/4 fiber optics (the optics run to our apartmen building, from then on its Gb ethernet ) for 10,99 a month in our wild eastern european corner of the world :slight_smile:

I know that feel mate, I have 100/20 fiber + cable TV + phone + cell for 60€ per month in the supposed “north of Africa” as many northern europeans call Spain.

That isn’t bad. My wife moved us out to the middle of a corn field.


My ISP at the house was a wireless provider. Used a mifi connection. Somewhat for gaming, terrible for video streaming.


So I am tring to switch to a provider that uses a 5GHz wireless.


They’ve been out twice, mumbled out my xxxx house being really tall with a high pitch roof each time. Then left.


Had no Internet at my house for two weeks.


I work IT, so that means no remoting into any servers.


Seriously about to tell them I can install their antenna.

Yeah, those wifi providers… Parents in law had only option to get that kind of net, so the ISP  quoted them around $200 for initial installation ( Antenna, Ovislink gear, consumables,work and travel)  I bought the antenna with console and some odd few metres of cable with trimming for under $30, wifi internal card for $10 on ebay and did the same work as the ISP would do for 1/5 of the price. ISP was kicking out initially because and tried to  lie that they cannot assign the IP adress and stuff, but after some nice phonecalls they had to change their minds.  That setup lasted them only three or four years and now the ISP has actually improved and offer cheaper and more sensible setups (Ubiquiti AirGrid M5 ftw).


With bit of assertivity and knowledge you can do things if the ISP actually wants to make some business out there.