CBT Update 4.1

CBT Features

* In this version “Empire: Legion” ships are available only

* For participation in the battle from 16:00 to 24:00 (GMT+3): for the victory is charged 15 std. For the defeat -2 std. Players who have left the battle ahead (with entire ships) do not receive compensation (including credits).

* Every week all the players are issued a sum equal to the cost of a weekly extended license.

General Changes

* Happy Cosmonautics day!

* Added festive missiles, which can be found in the store, “rockets”

Search for a battle

Chat is available during the search of battle

* In the search box additional information is displayed

Ships : General

* Reconfigured types and amount of missile bay for the most part of ships

Weapons and modules: General

* Correction of errors in descriptions of modules, the output parameters of infidels

Weapons and Modules: Combat Modules

* Missile system shoots down missiles much faster now

Weapons and Modules: Combat Modules

* Aligned defeat radius of the same typed missiles

* Increased damage of a tactical nuclear bomb

Battlefield: Tar

* Fixed ‘extra beacons’ bug

Game Balance: General

* Composition of bots involved in the fight, the same for each team

Bugs fixed

* Fixed cameras’ autorotation in an open chat

* Specifications of changing modules are correct now

* Fixed bug of sound when collision with an asteroid takes place

* Fixed infinite lock of ships in the battle

* Fixed spelling mistakes

This 600 Mb update is for this changes?

This 600 Mb update is for this changes?

Yep. + video