cash ship imbalance problem


I am looking for a T4 empire frigate to match the cash shop one “atlas”

  • the basic T4 one (same rank as atlas) has less equip slots, less hp, less resist, less missile slots

  • the upgraded “centaur 2” has same slots, much less resists, same hp

  • the upgraded “ginger centaur” (which is rank-12, and meant to be the high-resists ship) still has LESS resists than the cash shop ship, and less hp, and less slots missile.


So, why does the cash-ship get a +20 bonus to resists above what it’s supposed to have, while also having the maximum slot layout?


yes i understand that the others will get more hp with synergy, but resistances are better when you are repairing and tanking damage. there is no comparison. and yes you could say it has a weaker sniper weapon, but the primary damage on it is still the same…


Now, some more information:

Only ONE other ship in the whole empire ships has this extra +20 resistances, and its also cash ship, the T2 trooper. T2 isnt really important though…

NONE of the other race cash ships get this extra +20 resistance either.

I think it must be a bug!

It REALLY makes the atlas an unfair ship since it can get the HIGHEST resistances of any empire frigate. NO credit ship compares.

Please fix this!!

To make it short the Ginger Centaur has:

800 more hull points than the Atlas with only 5 less resist on it.

A little more shield with definitely less resist. But you tank with hull anyway here.

A great 15% crit chance bonus.

The small dot on the sniper skill. Mostly useless as skill.

A little higher energy and energy regen.


I don’t really see how the Atlas should be stronger than the Ginger Centaur they seems balanced. The Ginger Centaur keep similar hull hp/resist (the one you need) and trade the shield resist (that you don’t really need) for higher damage.

A cash ship should not have resistances higher than what is possible for a non-cash ship.

This allows it to tank more when under hp regen than the non-cash ship ever possibly could.

HP does not make up for the fact that you can soak extra damage when you’re running your repairs.

That 5 resistance is an extra 8 ehp for -each- repair cycle from an aura repair module that gives the 153hp you get at T4.

So, in under 2 minutes it has already more than made up for the difference in HP, and it keeps on widening the gap after that, as it tanks more.


Why are you even defending them? cash ships SHOULD NOT have higher-than-possible stats compared to credit ships, or this game becomes complete pay2win and you might aswell sell ship with 2x more HP for an extra $50 because that’s ok too right?

Why? Because it has NOTHING to do with being cash ship. An example? Go check Rank12 Fed Fighters, the ship bought in game has 10 more hull resist than the Cash ship. And of course like for the empire frig the ship with less resist get other bonuses.

The ships are balanced but they have different roles and different bonus. A ship has more hull/shield, one has more resist and the other has more damage.

Who would want ships that have ALL the same stats?


Edit: Even more for the Atlas / Ginger Centaur it feels like a kid shouting “Oh god the Atlas has more res points”  who care if the Ginger instead has more hp, higher crit and better skill that ship has something this one doesn’t have it HAS to be op.


Edit-Again: Also has some people i think some people have pointed out that just stacking resist is not really effective and you should balance between resistn and hull/shield bonus. Too lazy atm to look for that one or check how correct it was. If someone know about it would be nice if he could write it.


Wow and i need to add also a last note.

You said in the first post



Only ONE other ship in the whole empire ships has this extra +20 resistances, and its also cash ship, the T2 trooper. T2 isnt really important though…

NONE of the other race cash ships get this extra +20 resistance either.


It’s my fault since i checked only now but this is wrong.

The T3-2 Cerberus 2 ship has a +20 bonus on both hull and shield resist while the Cash ship doesn’t.

Also all the Warden ship hull resist are 15 points higher compared to the base model.



For me it show quite clearly how they tried to make the ships balanced while also trying to give a feel of a difference between the ships.

Some of the cash ships are just downright awful, too. For example the Neuron Jericho fighter is 1 rank above the Machete Type S, but has 1 less active and passive slot, no faction phase shield, a questionable missile hardpoint setup, and only marginally superior stats because of its slightly higher rank.


It is however, garbage to fly compared to even the basic machete, whom at least has a generous missile hardpoint setup.

Have you subtracted the Synergy bonus from the premium ship?


Also, all premium ships (aside from Steam DLC ones) has one less active module as far as I know.


Also, with what we currently have, that Trooper does not have access to R5 and R6 skills, while normal counterparts do.

Ship balance is still in progress, Both premium and ordinary ships will be rebalanced many times in future.

As it was metioned above, there are strong premium ships as well as AWFULLY weak. Just take a look on “Crus type A”…

The true reason: “We would like the players to have such a hellish grind that they decide just to spend the $30 and buy the ship, while using the “this is a beta excuse!” We love Americans and their Capitalism!”

hey you we pay for the game you play we should have to grind less then you because we have job and not as mutch time to play as you kids

If the Neuron had a better bonus, even something as simple as a 50% increased command mod radius I’d bite the bullet and grab it. Same thing for the Crus Type Q, just equivalency with the Neuron Zealot would be fine, thank god it’s not a long range frigate at least :/. Man the Jericho version sucks. I swear they’re one of the rarest ships I encounter now.

Strange how opinions change, lurve that jericho lrf, and the crus type q suits me just fine now. Planning on fielding a 3 guard t2 team for laughs, I’ll have a long range fast guard alligator for following a hydra 2 at near exact speeds, a Neuron zealot for setting up a huge perimeter around a beacon with a hiding place defended by a constant mine field entrance, and my deathstar Crus Q with its tiny mod range and laser beam abuse.


Time to go crack this out and see how it works.