Carp Pls

LF peeps to play around with at least once and while

I got some Empire boats (not that high either)

Would be nice to chat with people for assistance

VOIP is critical (TS or discord preferred); forced push to talk is a cherry on top

I play other games as well(because burnout or shiny red ball)

I am nubcakes but willing to learn stuff by senseiz

Let me know through ere or steam or in game or through science

The answer was easy. Thar’ga is a gunship and right know is the best bunker.

If you are looking for a corp, you can apply for Chaotic Legion [CH4OS} We have english and spanish speaking memebers.

What even in the name of tarnation is this thread?

Do I have to get my rifle?

Join Chaotic Legion. Soartex (CEO) should be very happy to bring you on ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

carp? here

king carp ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)

Bump.   I got rank 9 ships now

Lets try this again

Need an english speaking corp first

My timezone is EST so anything PST to EST would be essential to play with other

As said before, Im kinda new to all the changes they made since i last played a while back; would like someone that can help with pointer and added clarity to Orca1911’s guide.

Clarity to the Orca guide … Can do with some explanation lol XD. What r u looking for whe it comes to guilds/corps/clans?

Ex: Corp with great stats? Quality personnel? etc etc…

Oh and the JungC is mostly PST - EST.